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Name, Location Connie Van Swearingen Home Owner - Dellroy, Oh Connie Van Swearingen
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Ventrac 4226

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Living on Shadow Mountain is not easy. Property slopes on both sides. Everything is either going up or down. I have yet to find a mower that can mow slopes, until I Googled and Ventrac came up. I am looking to own a lawn mower that I do not have to get off of to push it uphill. Or have one wheel spin while trying to put more weigh to one side or the other. Even our drive way has a slope to it, and is shoveled by hand all ½ mile of it.

My story would be one of survival "Ventrac saved my life", because to me that would surely be the case. Every time I mow that is what is on my mind. Will this be the day the tractor flips?

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