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Posted on December 29, 2009 Tagged in Customer Reviews, slope mowing

Ventrac compact=
When Jack Wiley says he enjoys the ride on his Ventrac, he means it!

Living in a part of the country where hills, ravines and slopes are part of the landscape, Jack Wiley knows first hand the difficulty in safely mowing these treacherous areas.  Jack owns a Ventrac 4231 Turbo Diesel model compact tractor along with 10 Ventrac attachments and he was happy to share his thoughts and experiences with us.

“Over the years there have been 9 major incidents in my immediate neighborhood where 2 wheel drive lawn and garden tractors have either rolled or run-away downhill out of control.  Some of these resulted in injuries.  With the Ventrac I now safely mow some of the steeper slopes belonging to my neighbors in addition to my own.  They are grateful for the assistance, and I get to enjoy the ride.  For me, mowing is a recreational experience!”

Jack has a real need for his Ventrac and uses it for many different applications and the compact tractor serves as his workhorse as well as being one of his major hobbies.  Besides maintaining his own home, he also grooms the grounds of his church and trails at a wetland preserve, so his Ventrac gets a real workout.

Ventrac slope mowing slope mower

Jack Demonstrating the Secure Down Slope Braking

“The traction advantages of 4 wheel drive are apparent to most people, but I find the secure down-slope braking ability to be one of the most important assets of this type of chassis.”

Ventrac contour mower mowing 28 degree slope

Jack regularly mows slopes of 28 degrees

Jack raves about the design and construction of his Ventrac equipment, saying it is “outstanding—everything is ‘built like a tank’ and easy to maintain.”

Besides being “just plain fun to operate”, Jack sees quality results every time while using his Ventrac. His photos speak volumes…as Jack says, “It best illustrates the essence of why I am a Ventrac fan.”

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