Ventrac Owners Show Off Snow Videos

Posted on February 24, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, Products, Snow Blowers

More Ventrac Snow videos submitted on YouTube by Ventrac operators.

Hi….here we are again with some video that Ventrac users have posted on YouTube.   It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm that customers show while they operate their Ventrac.   We enjoy getting videos from customers to see the performance they get from their Ventrac tractors  and how much fun they have while using them.

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Ventrac’s Contour Mower Takes On Tough Terrain

Posted on February 22, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, Golf Course Maintenance, Products, slope mowing

Watch Jack's Contour Video on YouTube

Ventrac is the ultimate machine for mowing uneven terrain.  The Ventrac Contour Mower Deck will go where other mowers dare not.

We are again featuring Jack Wiley, who uses his Ventrac Turbo Diesel and attachments to do a multitude of tasks.  Jack sent us a video of his tractor in operation with an 84″ contour mower deck. Continue Reading…

Ventrac Securely Mows Steep Pond Banks

Posted on February 16, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, Products, slope mowing

Watch Jack's Tough Cut on a Slope video on YouTube

Ventrac is the ultimate tractor when it comes to mowing steep banks, slopes and hills.

Ventrac customer, Jack Wiley,  demonstrates in his video just how secure it is to mow with his 4000 series Ventrac.    Jack mows banks with up to 28 degree slope and not only is his tractor stable and secure, thetough cut mower does a fantastic job finishing off the tough, unruly weeds at the same time. Continue Reading…

Ventrac Snowblowers and Snow Removal Showcased On YouTube

Posted on February 15, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, Snow Blowers

If you own a Ventrac,  you know the pride you feel, the fun you have and the performance you get from one.   Ventrac owners everywhere love to show off their tractors.   And when the snow blasts,  what better way to move that snow than with a Ventrac.   While  exploring around YouTube I  found some  homeowner videos using  Ventrac compact tractors to move snow, either with a snowblower or a slip scoop.

Take a peek and watch homeowners demonstrating what their Ventrac can do in snow and how they use their tractors. Continue Reading…

Ventrac Is Invaluable and Impressive To Business Owner

Posted on February 8, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, Snow Blowers

Barry Frey

Barry Frey was unaware how his new client would change his life.

It was 2002, and Frey – pronounced “Fry” – was simply looking for clients to add to the roster of his Smithfield, PA based landscaping and snow removal business.  But when a local hospital called to inform him that he’d just won the contract for their grounds maintenance, he suddenly realized he needed a new tractor.

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Ventrac Working Hard in the NC Snowstorm

Posted on February 4, 2010 Tagged in Products, Snow Blowers

Ventrac Blade as seen on the Ashville Citizen Times

A friend sent me a website featuring a Citizen-Times news article about the snow that just recently hit North Carolina.     As I was clicking through the pictures, I was pretty excited to see a couple of Ventrac tractors working hard to clear driveways and parking lots of the snow!

Ventrac, A Different Kind of Tractor

Posted on February 2, 2010 Tagged in Products

This past weekend I attended the Ohio Power Show in Columbus, Ohio. As I looked at different equipment offered by various manufacturers, I paid special attention to tractors in the $10,000 to $20,000 range. How does Ventrac compare and contrast to other equipment out there?

What I discovered is that Ventrac compact, center articulating tractors and front mounted attachments are very different from anything else in the local market today. The market is flooded by traditional tractors, ZTRs, stand and walk behinds. Walking from booth to booth, these units quickly started looking very much the same. Ventrac is truly a unique product.

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