Ventrac Stump Grinder Enhancements For Robust Performance

Posted on March 10, 2010 Tagged in News, Product Feature Updates, Products

Ventrac is pleased to announce new updates to the KC180 Stump Grinder

Ventrac Stump Grinder Enhancements

Ventrac KC180 Stump Grinder

attachment.   Designed for the 4000 Series tractors, the KC180 is now built with new high performance cutting teeth and a newly designed rotor.

The new cutting teeth, from Green Manufacturing, have three sides that allow the user to create changeable cutting edges so there is always a sharp cutting edge available when needed.   With three cutting edges on a single tooth, there is a longer service life, resulting in more efficiency and production.  The teeth tips are made with 100% virgin carbide, not reclaimed carbide, for greater strength.   The new teeth also feature a deeper dish design that offers a tremendous shearing action and a smoother cut for better performance.

The new revisions for the rotor now feature ½” solid steel plate construction with gussets.  This new enhancement makes a more robust component to the KC180.

Ventrac Stump grinder

New Teeth on the KC180 Stump Grinder

These new design features offer a more reliable and robust operation from the Ventrac KC180 Stump Grinder.   For stump grinding equipment that will do the job right, look to Ventrac for the dependability and performance you need.

Visit for more information on stump grinders and other Ventrac tractor attachments.

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