Ventrac Rear Discharge Mower Decks

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Ventrac 4000 series tractor with rear discharge mower

Rear Discharge mower deck on Ventrac 4000 series tractor

Have you ever wondered what all the buzz is about with rear discharge mowers?   You hear good things and not so good things about how they work, what they will or will not do.  Some people just love them and others… not so much.   Let’s take a look at what a great rear discharge mower can offer.

Ventrac has developed rear discharge mowers  that stand out above the rest and are made to perform.    With a mowing deck available for every tractor series and whether you have a half acre or plenty of land, mowing will be hassle free, reliable and your lawn will look professionally groomed.


Ventrac rear discharge finish mowers give you a high performance cut along with professional striping for your lawn.  With no side chute in the way, it is easier to maneuver around trees, landscaping, buildings and other obstacles.   Rear discharge mowers will send the grass out the back of the mower and keep debris away from buildings, landscaping or sidewalks areas, while still creating a professionally cut lawn.

Trimming Features:

Because trimming can be a real hassle, a rear discharge mower makes a fantastic deck for trimming lawns.  You can mow close to flower bed, trees, and other landscaping from either side of the mowing deck.  Ventrac rear discharge mowers are a great choice for mulching with the optional mulching blades.

Why use a Ventrac rear discharge mowing deck?

  • Ability to mow close to objects with no side chute in the way
  • Keeps cutting debris out of landscaping, paths or roadways
  • Designed to minimize windrowing
  • Deep deck design allows better airflow and a clean cut
  • Ideal for roadsides or sidewalks where bystanders may be present
  • Saves time and allows for trimming from both sides of mower
  • Easily converts to a mulching mower with optional bolt-in mulch kit
  • No thrown debris out the side of mower
  • Better discharge spreading width than most mowers of its kind

Ventrac compact=

Rear Discharge mowing decks are available for both the 3000 and 4000 Series Tractors

Features of both mowing decks:

  • Full rear rollers for a professionally striped lawn
  • Wide 52” or  60” cut
  • Convenient flip up deck design for easy cleanup, service and storage
  • Center front roller for anti-scalping
  • Full Floating deck
  • Optional Mulching kit available
  • Cutting height positions from ¾” to  4-1/2” in 1/4″ increments

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