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10 Years of Ventrac in Sweden

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It’s a great feeling knowing that Ventrac compact tractors have been satisfying customers in Sweden for over 10 years now.   Customers in Sweden have experienced the dependability and efficiency of Ventrac with the help of Lars Persson of LAPAB Maskin A.   Lars studied the tractor market  in Hallstahammar, Sweden, and saw a hole in the tractor market where customers were using their machines in inefficient ways.

“I saw that many of my customers use their machines in an inefficient manner,” says Lars.   “They take out their mower in May and put it back in the shed in December.  In the fall, they had a blower and a snowblower in the winter, instead of using the same machine for multiple tasks.”

Lars established a relationship with Ventrac in the US and the collaboration began.  “Ventrac has a long experience in building quality machines,” says Lars.    LAPAB is consistently developing the concept of the Ventrac in Sweden.   The latest model Ventrac  4200, for example, has a full line of attachments like a power rake, stump grinder, broom, bucket, blade, edge trimmer, mower, snow blower and front loader.   Lars keep his ears open to what his customer’s needs are.   When he finds a need, he snaps it up immediately to present them with the whole new idea behind Ventrac.

“Ventrac is for us a long term quality approach.”  Lars says, “Our mission now is that everyone is familiar with the concept Ventrac and understand the benefits of having one machine instead of five.

Visit for more information and to find a dealer in your area.    If you are in Sweden, visit LAPAB at

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