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Any Season is the Season for a Ventrac

Posted on May 11, 2010 Tagged in Customer Reviews, News, Product Feature Updates, Products

With spring in full force and summer right around the corner, we are seeing how customers  rely on their Ventrac tractors and attachments to take them from season to season.   Many are armed for the upcoming warmer season with mowers, slip scoops or  blades.   We would like to feature some  lawn service owners who talk about how this mighty, durable machine takes them from removing winter snow on city sidewalks to the spring season of mowing,  mulching, moving soil and beyond.

BJ’s Lawn Service in Ayr, Ontario is equipped with a 3200 Series Ventrac with a side discharge mower deck, a cab, v-blade and snow blower.    BJ’s received a contract for clearing snow from sidewalks for the city of Ayr.   What he needed was a durable machine that was small enough to fit on sidewalks.      “Something that was 4 wheel drive and could fit on all the sidewalks-old and new without ripping up any grass or gardens. We also had to take into consideration the two sidewalk bridges that in the past were hand shoveled or just left unploughed.”     He came across the Ventrac after an exhaustive search of equipment that was either over-priced or didn’t fit the work needed done.   “With a Weather cab, V-blade and snow blower we were ready to go plow!,” says BJ.    “Then came grass season! We were incredibly impressed with this machine. We have always run zero turns, walkers and even a walk behind mower, but nothing could out-mow our Ventrac. It does all of our hills with no problems and cuts time in half!”

Ron Stanley of Stanley Yardcare, uses his Ventrac 4227 tractor with multiple attachments to take him from season to season with much success.   His 48″ Slip Scoop, KX523 Snow blower and HM602 62-inch mower allows him to operate his business with more efficiency than ever.       ” My son and I operate a small yard care business.  We use the Ventrac to mow lawn, move soil, mulch and aggregates, and will be using it to remove snow this winter.  We currently maintain approximately 40 residential properties mowing lawn and doing snow removal, plus mowing at the two University of Waterloo Colleges.  The factors that made us decide to purchase a Ventrac were hillside mowing capabilities and the use of different attachments.”

Ventrac 4227 with Slip scoop attachment

At Stanley Yardcare, the Ventrac and slip scoop are perfect for mulch work

For every season, there is a Ventrac attachment to tackle any job whether you’re in a business like BJ’s Lawn Service,  StanleyYardcare  or you’re a homeowner.

Using a Ventrac with attachments for spring jobs like mulching, tilling or edging will take you right into summer with mowing, stump grinding or aerating.   For fall, Ventrac will handle your leaf blowing, sod cutting or leaf collection to ease your work load.   Winter with a Ventrac means snow removal with a blade, snow blower or broom.

Ventrac finish mower

Using a Ventrac finish mower for perfect striping

A Ventrac is one tractor that can do it all and won’t sit idle during the year.    We have seen customers use their tractors year round in all kinds of conditions and have outperformed dedicated machines that only have one function.    Any season is the season for a Ventrac…your one tractor solution.

Visit to see how more customers use their Ventrac and attachments.

Ventrac tractor and snowblower

Winter season is no match for a Ventrac and Snow blower

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