Ventrac Sales Force Test Tractors on the Slopes during Training Days

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Ventrac Salesmen Training Days 2010

What happens when seven Ventrac tractors and a group of Ventrac salesmen are put together?  It becomes an exciting and interesting time of safety and educational training, testing, demos and just plain hands-on fun with Ventrac tractors and attachments.   The salespersons gathered together for their continuous training days to learn as much as possible  how Ventrac tractors perform.  The salesmen spent their training days running the tractors through the paces and tested them to limits that wouldn’t normally be done on a day to day basis.   The information and experience gained will serve as a valuable tool to assist customers with finding the right piece of equipment that will meet their individual needs.

Although most of the training days were held outdoors, some indoor training was also conducted such as quality control, marketing, service and warranty.  Plenty of time was spent outdoors putting Ventrac tractors with multiple attachments through different scenarios of  tractor operation and product training.

A local farm presented the perfect setting to really see what Ventrac could do.   The steep rolling hills in a back pasture were ideal for demonstrating just how well Ventrac can mow steep slopes.   Covered in tall thick weeds, the slopes were a lofty 25-28 degrees, which can be a challenging grade to mow.   Safety and proper use of the tractors were discussed as well as demos on how to safely get out of dangerous situations that are not foreseen.   A 25 to 28 degree hill doesn’t appear all that steep until you try walking it.    Try mowing one without a Ventrac!

Ventrac slope mowing

A 25 degree slope is steeper than you think when you walk it

The tough cut mower plowed through the tall grass without a hitch.    Brian Godwin demonstrated how easy the tough cut mowing deck  tackles the tallest brush with the Ventrac 4200 equipped with dual wheels.

Ventrac Tough Cut mower deck

The tough cut mower showing before....

.....and after

The salesmen worked over and around  the hillside to test how easily Ventrac would handle the slope of 25 degrees.  Not only did the Ventrac give them the stability and security to stay on the slope, but also an agility to move about the hill.  The power and traction of Ventrac allowed them to move up the hill, stop, back down, then turn in the opposite direction.  It was amazing to watch as they put Ventrac through what seemed like impossible tasks and it came out clearly a winner.   It was plain to see why Ventrac is the ultimate machine when it comes to staying on a sloped hillside.

Ventrac is the ultimate slope mower - shown on a 28 degree slope

Ventrac is the ultimate slope mower - shown on a 28 degree slope

A Ventrac tractor that is equipped with dual wheels or wheel extensions will give an operator secure stability when operating on a hill.   Ryan Steiner demonstrated this point with three tractors, each equipped with different wheel options to see just how stable each proved to be on hillsides.  The tractor with the dual wheels could not be pulled over,  even while sitting on a slope.

Many additional Ventrac attachments were available for the salesmen to use during the training  so each could become more familiar with the technical specs of the equipment as well as how they perform and what uses fit them best.

Mowing steep grades with Ventrac tractors

Slope demonstrations on why duals and wheel extensions help mow sideways on steep grades

As the training days continued, other highlights included  a discussion on the various models of Ventrac mowing decks and their different applications and uses for homeowners as well as municipalities, commercial contractors, government agencies and golf courses.  Each mower deck was demonstrated for cut and striping abilities and how each could perform in a wide range of applications.

Highlighting the features of each Ventrac mowing deck

Success can be measured in many ways.  Ventrac has a proven track record for producing  dependable and consistently performing tractors and attachments. As the salesmen continue to gain knowledge of the product line, they can respond better to the needs of more and more devoted Ventrac customers.

Visit for more complete information on tractor models and to find a dealer near you.

See more on the slope mowing capabilities of Ventrac on Youtube

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