Overgrown Weeds Can’t Stop Ventrac

Posted on July 28, 2010 Tagged in News, slope mowing, Tough cut Mowing

What do you do when your backyard resembles an overgrown weedy jungle!?   Get a Ventrac Tractor and Tough Cut Mower to do the work!   An awesome new video has just been released on YouTube highlighting the Ventrac tough cut mower deck and tractor doing some serious action.   Although this video demonstrates a homeowner use, there are multiple commercial/municipality applications  that really benefit from using the Tough Cut mower deck.   Golf courses, parks, cities, townships and state agencies have grassy areas not mowed on a regular basis that need knocked down from time to time and the Tough Cut is a perfect solution.

Denver Steiner’s backyard looked like a nightmare of thick brush and giant weeds that were over 6 feet tall in places,  but the tall thistles, thorns and briers were no match for his Ventrac.   His tractor, equipped with dual wheels for added traction, pushed through the swampy areas, over the small creek and up and down the slopes without a hitch.  The tough cut mower chewed up the tall brush like it was nothing.

Denver’s acreage also boasts some pretty hefty slopes with some topping a 30 degree incline.   Maintaining hill traction for up and down movement as well as sideways maneuvering was not even an issue for the Ventrac tractor.   It was pretty amazing to watch the capabilities of how Ventrac moved about the slopes with a powerfully smooth action.

In addition to clearing out the brush, Denver needed some work done to ready the area for seeding a new lawn.  His dad operated a  Power Rake attachment with another tractor that easily worked out the large compacted chunks of dirt and quickly smoothed the area for seeding.

Watch the action for yourself!    Ventrac at its BEST!    See what markets use Ventrac at


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