Oh, There’s Something About a Striped Lawn

Posted on August 25, 2010 Tagged in mower striping, Video

Most men take their mowing very seriously.  I never understood just how seriously until I started asking them about lawn striping.   And I quickly found out that lawn striping is a huge deal!   It really is important to them.   Yes, it looks neat and groomed, but I hear it all the time.  A lawn has to have stripes.   It just isn’t right without the stripes. There is something about it.    I don’t know what it is….maybe it brings out an artistic side in men.    A lawn is like a canvas, where they can create something beautiful every time….a work of art in grass.    There’s also a feeling of pride and sense of accomplishment from striping and grooming a lawn to a professional ball field finish.   All I know, is they love to stripe their lawns!

We took a trip to visit  a local homeowner who not only loves his Ventrac, but he may love the striping it creates even more.   Or at least he loves the process of creating those stripes.    We just released the video from our visit which showcases Mark Morrison demonstrating how he puts these artistic touches on his lawn.   He learned some striping tips from a friend who had worked for the Cleveland Indians grounds crew and after finding Ventrac, he now enjoys a finely groomed lawn each and every time he mows.    It was a fun shoot that turned into a fun fast paced video.    See what Mark has to say about his Ventrac tractor and why mowing is more like an experience.


The camera crew did an awesome job with this shoot and here they are on the rooftop wondering just where to set that camera !  Everything worked out great in the end.   The homeowner was more than willing to allow us on his rooftop so we could get the best shots possible.   Thanks Mark!

Meea, Denver, Dustin and Mark...where do we start?

Up on the roof....Where should we put the camera?

See for more about finish mowers and

Ventrac compact tractors.

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