Customer and His Ventrac Make Photo Modeling Debut

Posted on November 30, 2010 Tagged in News, Products, snow removal

Ventrac customer, Wade Stoughton

We love to hear from our customers!   And we love to see Ventrac popping up in some of the most unusual places across the country.   In Duluth, Minnesota, the Aerostich company mailed out their annual holiday supplement and what can you find on the front cover?    A happy customer with his Ventrac!    Just today, we got a great email from this customer who wanted to share his story with us.

Wade Stoughton,  and his Ventrac, model 4131, just made their photo modeling debut on the new 2010 holiday supplement catalog for Aerostich RiderWearhouse.   Wade purchased his Ventrac last December from his local Ventrac dealer, Barry Frey of Frey Tree Specialists in Morgantown, West Virginia.   Wade used his Ventrac and blade all winter plowing the road near his home, putting over 60 hours on his unit, while keeping warm and toasty in his favorite weather-resistant riding apparel from Aerostich.

Wade wrote, “Aerostich is a company that makes and  supplies motorcycle apparel and accessories.  They are located in Duluth, Minnesota and the one piece suit that I’m wearing I bought from them sixteen years ago.  It, like the Ventrac, is a quality versatile product that has served me well for many years of riding. ”

Ventrac customer, Wade Stoughton, enjoying his Ventrac while keeping warm with apparel from Aerostich RiderWearhouse

Wade and his Ventrac made a great photo cover for the new holiday supplement!  Even though Ventrac makes a cab for his tractor,  Wade doesn’t seem to be missing out and certainly looks warm in his Aerostich apparel while enjoying his Ventrac!   Doesn’t he illustrate the perfect combo of snow removal perfection?  A Ventrac tractor and Aerostich clothing!   Makes you just want to go buy them all!

To find out more about Aerostich apparel and accessories or to purchase your own, visit

Aerostich offers several thousand specialized products that help make riding better, safer, more comfortable and easier. Many of the Aerostich Riderwearhouse  catalog items are unique, or hard to find elsewhere.

To find your local Ventrac dealer and get your own tractor today, go to our dealer locator.   More about Ventrac tractors, cabs, snow removal equipment and all-season attachments can be found at

Additional footage of Ventrac snow removal equipment in action can be viewed on Ventrac’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to Wade for sharing!

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