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Maintain Snow Equipment with Ventrac's Winter Service Checklist


Maintain Snow Equipment with Ventrac’s Winter Service Checklist

Posted on November 24, 2010 Tagged in News, Products, Snow Blowers

Winter Maintenance Checklist

There is nothing more important than properly maintaining snow equipment. No one likes when equipment breaks down or wears out too soon.   Is there some magic formula to prevent wear and tear on equipment?  Well…not really, but there are some simple steps that can be taken to help keep your equipment in great working order.   Now is a perfect time to begin a seasonal maintenance program that will help ensure your equipment stays in great shape.    Even though the fall/winter season is upon us,  it is not too late to begin your own program. 

Ventrac tractors and attachments are designed to work hard through the winter cold and snow.  But prolonged exposure to salts, deicers and other corrosive agents can cause steel to rust, aluminum to oxidize and electrical connections to corrode.  This exposure can ultimately reduce performance and shorten the life of your equipment.

Our new videos highlight key areas where easy maintenance can be very beneficial to operating your Ventrac equipment and to keep it working for you in the harsh cold months and beyond.

The video was produced in two parts, so be sure to take view Part 1 and Part 2.    Chad Nolt, Ventrac’s service manager, will walk you through the whole process, demonstrating and pointing out the areas on the equipment that need that extra attention.   It covers Pre-Season, between snow events and Post-Season maintenance of the tractor as well as the blade, snowblower and broom attachments.

Here are a few key-points mentioned in the video….watch for much more information!

  • Wash off  corrosive materials
  • Inspection of belts
  • Apply grease to key areas
  • Touch up any paint to prevent future rusting
  • Spray attachments with an outdoor rust preventative
  • Check that devices are functioning properly

PROTECT your investment and reduce maintenance costs by following our easy checklist to extend the life of your Ventrac.

Here’s a peek at the checklist!

You can also download your own copy at

Don’t be left with equipment that can’t keep up with winter demands…begin today!

Winter Maintenance Checklist for Ventrac Equipment

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