Ventrac Assists Riceland Golf Course with Tornado Cleanup

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Riceland Golf Course owner, Larry Lisic, was grateful for all the help he received after a damaging tornado swept across his property on September 16th.  The tornado took a twelve mile long path from Wooster, Ohio and drove its way east in the direction of the Riceland Golf Course in Orrville, Ohio.  The twister left a widespread trail of devastation in its path, with the majority of the damage near the Wooster OSU/OARDC campus.

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Ventrac Now Available at Zimmer Tractor

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We are  proud to announce that Zimmer Tractor, Inc. of Monroe, Ohio has recently added Ventrac tractors and attachments to their current product line.   Covering the Cincinnati-Tri-State area, Zimmer provides product to a wide range of industries, including homeowners, turf and commercial industries as well as a large portion of customers in the agricultural industry.  Ventrac will be available at the Monroe, Ohio showroom only, but Zimmer Tractor showrooms can also be found in Aurora and Brookville, Indiana.

“We thought Ventrac would be a good fit for our customers,” says Jason Beckner, Vice President.  Besides offering customers an Ohio manufactured product,  Zimmer added the Ventrac line because it had a design, form and function that was different than some of their current lines of compact tractors.  Ventrac’s all wheel drive and tight turning radius design will allow it to go where other tractors can not and will be sold to end-users who require a tractor that does much more than mow grass.   With its many unique features, the new product will bring a heightened dimension to the  Zimmer lineup.   Along with Ventrac, the dealership carries a wide range of quality equipment including Kubota, New Holland, Scag, Wright, Landpride, Woods and Bush Hog.

The business owes its success to the core beliefs that customer satisfaction comes first and with Zimmer’s experienced staff and top notch facilities, customers get the specialty attention they need – before, during and after the sale.  “Every employee is customer-centered,”  adds Beckner.  “We have the staff and the facilities to take care of the customer the way they need to be taken care of.”

Zimmer Tractor Showroom in Monroe, Ohio

Throughout the year, customers can take advantage of seasonal specials offered by Zimmer on select equipment and accessories.  A full service parts department with skilled technicians are always on hand to keep equipment running at its peak performance.

Zimmer Tractor can be found online at, and for those who would like to see the impressive Monroe, Ohio showroom stop in to check out the full line of quality equipment located at 461 Breaden Drive.  The store is open Monday – Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm.  They can also be contacted at 513-539-0539.

To find out more about Ventrac and to view the full line of tractors and attachments, visit

Oh, There’s Something About a Striped Lawn

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Most men take their mowing very seriously.  I never understood just how seriously until I started asking them about lawn striping.   And I quickly found out that lawn striping is a huge deal!   It really is important to them.   Yes, it looks neat and groomed, but I hear it all the time.  A lawn has to have stripes.   It just isn’t right without the stripes. There is something about it.    I don’t know what it is….maybe it brings out an artistic side in men.    A lawn is like a canvas, where they can create something beautiful every time….a work of art in grass.    There’s also a feeling of pride and sense of accomplishment from striping and grooming a lawn to a professional ball field finish.   All I know, is they love to stripe their lawns!

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Featured Ventrac Dealer Expands to Offer Customers More

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When it comes to great service and caring for customers, our dealers are some of the best in the industry.   What they do on a day to day basis means the world to us.    So, to give them a well-deserved pat on the back, we want to feature our dealers and professionals that stand out in the industry.  They are companies and people who share our philosophies and give their best every day delivering quality products and fantastic service.   Our first featured dealer is Hines Equipment of Pennsylvania.

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Overgrown Weeds Can’t Stop Ventrac

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What do you do when your backyard resembles an overgrown weedy jungle!?   Get a Ventrac Tractor and Tough Cut Mower to do the work!   An awesome new video has just been released on YouTube highlighting the Ventrac tough cut mower deck and tractor doing some serious action.   Although this video demonstrates a homeowner use, there are multiple commercial/municipality applications  that really benefit from using the Tough Cut mower deck.   Golf courses, parks, cities, townships and state agencies have grassy areas not mowed on a regular basis that need knocked down from time to time and the Tough Cut is a perfect solution.

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Ventrac President Featured on “Tool Talk” Radio

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Tool Talk Radio Show

When it comes to talking tools and equipment, Tool Talk with Duane Wiford of Wiford Rental and Sales in Mt. Vernon, Ohio,  gives radio listeners a chance to learn what Wiford Rental and Sales does, the services they offer and the products they carry in their showroom.   Broadcasting from Knox County and covering several surrounding communities, the Ohio station, 13WMVO,   presents “Tool Talk”  twice a month.   The show also takes a look at some of the national and local companies who share their expertise in their various industries and equipment that you will see on the lot at Wiford Rental and Sales.

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Ventrac is Official Groundscare Equipment Provider at July 4th Fire In the Sky Softball Tournament

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It was a weekend to remember….a grand slam time in Orrville, Ohio, packed full of fast pitch softball, carnival rides, food, music and a grand finale fireworks show.  The Orrville Firefighters Association held its annual July 4th Fire in the Sky 14-under ASA Eastern National qualifying softball tournament for the seventh year in a row in conjunction with the Orrville Independence day carnival and fireworks presentation.

Preparing for the games to begin

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Ventrac Sales Force Test Tractors on the Slopes during Training Days

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Ventrac Salesmen Training Days 2010

What happens when seven Ventrac tractors and a group of Ventrac salesmen are put together?  It becomes an exciting and interesting time of safety and educational training, testing, demos and just plain hands-on fun with Ventrac tractors and attachments.   The salespersons gathered together for their continuous training days to learn as much as possible  how Ventrac tractors perform.  The salesmen spent their training days running the tractors through the paces and tested them to limits that wouldn’t normally be done on a day to day basis.   The information and experience gained will serve as a valuable tool to assist customers with finding the right piece of equipment that will meet their individual needs.

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Steiner Brothers Visit the St. Louis Gateway Arch

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The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri is located near the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The park was established to commemorate several historical events and is maintained by the National Park Service.   With its beautiful pristine lawns sloping down towards the Mississippi River, this 91 acre memorial park sits on the site of the original city of St. Louis and consists of the Old Courthouse; the Museum of Westward Expansion and probably the most well known icon of the city, The Gateway Arch.  The Gateway Arch towers over the city of St. Louis as a reflective symbol of the western expansion of the country during the nineteenth century.  Standing at 630 feet, this stainless steel structure is a marvel of modern engineering.

The seven Steiner brothers of Orrville, Ohio, recently took a road trip to St. Louis and while there, they visited the grounds crew that so immaculately maintain the National Park area and to see how they use Ventrac tractors, which are designed and manufactured by the Steiner brothers.   They met with Jim Jacobs, Gardener Supervisor, and his crew, to catch a glimpse of just how they keep the park in its amazing state all year round.

The Grounds Crew with the Seven Steiner Brothers

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Another Happy Ventrac Customer

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“As a homeowner who suffered trying to take care of over 4 acres of hilly terrain, I have found my one tractor solution to take care of my property at last!”    These words come straight from Brian Stein of Pennsylvania….another happy Ventrac customer!  Brian maintains approximately 4 acres of hillside property and here is his story.

Ventrac compact=

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