Ventrac Recognized by Snow Industry Leader

Posted on January 5, 2011 Tagged in Customer Reviews, News, snow removal

Last week, we had the pleasure of a visit to our facilities from a leader in the snow industry.  Why is this exciting?  And why write about it?    Because this is really BIG.   Those of you in the snow industry will recognize him as the foremost snow and ice industry consultant in the country today, with 35+ years experience  – the one and only, Mr. John Allin.

Because John’s work includes consulting for snow contractors on a daily basis,  we value his thoughts and opinions about what difficulties face the snow industry.   Sidewalk clearing continues to be a battle that contractors face every year, so we wanted to find out how Ventrac might help solve that issue.   We spoke with John about how he might see Ventrac fitting in the snow industry and how the equipment can help contractors best handle the monumental task of clearing snow from sidewalks…..and do it on a safer level.   As John learned more about Ventrac and its capabilities he was clearly excited by what he saw.  “It is articulating, four wheel drive, cab enclosed (heated) and has attachments ideally suited for sidewalk work.  The snowblower attachment cleans down to pavement.  The power broom is just like a walk-behind broom (only MUCH faster), ” comments John.

John toured our manufacturing plant to get a first hand look at how Ventrac equipment is crafted and also participated in a demo of the tractor and snow attachments at work.   “I watched this machine push 12” of snow 20 yards up a 20 degree incline and not slip once…”, says John.

John put a few of his thoughts down on his blog concerning the plight of the sidewalk clearing battle that faces snow contractors.   You will want to read what he says about Ventrac.  “THIS piece of equipment will likely redefine how medium to large snow contractors address sidewalk work.”

You can read John’s writings on John’s Official Blog site.

Thank you John for taking a day from your busy schedule to come see Ventrac!  We hope you had fun!

His article has also been reposted on the Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Management webpage.

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