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Ventrac Attended Launch Event for Solid Edge ST4


Ventrac Attended Launch Event for Solid Edge ST4

Posted on June 21, 2011 Tagged in Golf Course Maintenance, Product Feature Updates, Products, Video

The Rendered Version of the MJ840 Contour Deck

Last week, two employees from Ventrac, Dan Swartz and Roscoe  Lehman traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for the Siemens Solid Edge ST4 Global Launch Event.  The Ventrac Engineering Department currently uses the Solid Edge ST3 CAD system to design equipment, such as the MJ840 Contour Mowing Deck.    Solid Edge hosted the event to introduce new users, as well as current users, to the newest ST4 version of the software.  Packed with tips and ideas, technical training and opportunities to interact with Solid Edge users from around the world, the event helped Dan and Roscoe get a better idea of what the ST4 version can do for Ventrac. 

Dan was sought out by some of the Solid Edge development team who wanted to learn more about how Ventrac uses Solid Edge’s Synchronous Technology software.    Dan Staples from Solid Edge  spoke about meeting up with Swartz and Lehman during the two day event on the Seimens blog.    Staples loved the image Ventrac created using the ST3 software and wanted to work with Ventrac to create an image for the new ST4 splash screen.    The Solid Edge Blog shows one example of a rendered image of a tractor and contour deck along with more from Staples’ interview.

Dan and Roscoe entered the MJ840 contour deck in the Solid Edge Product Showcase and it became one of the featured products during the event.   Dan was interviewed over the course of the two days about how Ventrac uses Solid Edge software in the development of products.    Swartz talks more about how the contour mowing deck moves and maneuvers across uneven terrain, making it an ideal deck for mowing around bunkers on golf courses.   See the interview below and how Dan explains the value of using ST3 rendered images to view equipment.     

It was windy, but  Dan was unfazed by the sign mishap!

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