Ventrac’s “Top Fan” Gets Local Attention

Posted on June 11, 2012 Tagged in Customer Reviews, mower striping, News, Products, Spotlight on customers

After announcing Noah Palmer as our “Top Fan” contest winner last month, his local paper got wind of it and ran a story about Noah’s passion for Ventrac.

After stumbling upon Ventrac on YouTube, and becoming totally hooked, Noah took his new found love for Ventrac and combined it with his favorite pastime, ROBLOX (an online building game), and created his own virtual world of “Ventrac”.  His ROBLOX creations were so impressive that it caught our eye and Noah won our “Top Fan” contest!

Below is the article that was printed in Noah’s local paper a couple weeks ago.

Download PDF of Article Here

Sixth grade Woodlands Intermediate student, Noah Palmer, was named VENTRAC by Venture Products Inc. “Top Fan” last month. VENTRAC is a world·wide distributor ‘ of all-wheel drive compact tractors with a wide range of different attachments. Noah’s adventure began one day when he was surfing the web and stumbled upon something that unveiled a hidden passion and launched into a new form of creativity. After watching hours of “You Tube” videos about VENTRAC tractors, the twelve year old felt he had the product line figured out and was ready to virtually reproduce it. Noah decided to combine VENTRAC tractors with one of his other favorite past times, ROBLOX (an online building game), and recreated a virtual VENTRAC world.

Noah's creative ROBLOX world of Ventrac

Noah’s creativity and attention to detail caught the interest of the VENTRAC team in Orrville, Ohio. They invited him down for a tour of the VENTRAC plant to see firsthand how the tractors were made. Amazed by the size of the VENTRAC facility, Noah and his parents, Don and Amy Palmer, spent the day at Plant 2 in Orrville. “It was humongous and very clean,” recalls Noah.

Noah Palmer learns more about Ventrac tractors while sitting on one at our manufacturing plant.

“It was very clear who the number one winner was due to the effort.  He (Noah) recreated our facility in a game,” explained Denver Steiner, Graphic Designer & Web Developer of VENTRAC by Venture Products Inc. “I receive an email from Noah from time to time with different ideas, it is great to see a young person with such creativity.”

To Noah, these are not just ordinary tractors; they are pieces of equipment with a purpose.  When asked why not another brand of equipment,  Noah replied, “the others can’t do the same stuff a VENTRAC can do.”  Noah’s hope is to own a VENTRAC one day. “It is a four season tractor, I will mow in the summer, pick up leaves in the fall, plow in the winter and maybe split wood in the spring,” he emphatically explains. Currently, Noah is a co-owner of a lawn care business with an internet friend out of Wisconsin. Together they own and manage “A + Lawn Care.”  Noah runs the Huron branch and his friend runs the Wisconsin branch.

For Noah, being the “VENTRAC Top Fan” has been an awesome experience and he looks forward to the day he owns his own VENTRAC, but for now he is just a grateful student who lives through the virtual world and appreciates the support of his parents, Miss Bollinger, Mrs. Lamb and his new found friends at VENTRAC.


Article was reposted with permission.
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