Ventrac Unveils New 3400 Tractor

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Introducing the new 3400Continuing its commitment to produce the highest quality sub-compact tractors in the industry, Ventrac unveils the newest addition to their product lineup, the Ventrac 3400.  The 3400 is designed to fill the gap in the marketplace for a piece of equipment that finds the middle ground between a commercial zero-turn and a compact tractor.

Blending the Best of Both Worlds

“The 3400 is a great blend between a zero turn and a compact tractor, says Dustin Steiner, Product Development Specialist with Ventrac.   Dustin adds, “It blends the maneuverability and visibility that a zero turn gives you and the versatility and power of a compact tractor”.  He also states, “What really sets the 3400 apart is the center articulating frame.  It is a more maneuverable machine and offers a stability to operate on slopes, plus leaves a lighter footprint to minimize turf disturbance.”

The 3400 tractor maintains the same professional quality craftsmanship as all other Ventrac tractors, with features that include hydrostatic all-wheel drive, a center-pivoting-articulating frame, power steering, and patented hand controls.  The 3400 is available in two engine options, the 3400L gas engine and the 3400Y, diesel engine. Equipped with a patented Tandem Drive Train, the 3400 efficiently transfers power to where it’s needed for unparalleled performance and power.

Over 15 commercial grade attachments make this machine a powerhouse of productivity for year round use.  The Ventrac Mount System allows operators to change attachments quickly and efficiently, moving from job to job with ease.  Standard on the 3400 is Ventrac’s patented S.D.L.A. hand controls, which allows for easy control of Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary function all with one hand. A forward and reverse foot control pedal is also standard for ease of operation.  The extra-large premium comfort seat with adjustable slide rails provides many hours of riding comfort for operators.  The model 3400 is backed with a two year commercial and three year residential warranty. Continue Reading…

Ventrac Dealer Helps Build Local Community Garden

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One local Ventrac dealer is helping to make a difference in the lives of many.  Bryan Hollopeter, a fourth generation Medina family businessman and General Manager of Medina Tractor Sales,  took the initiative and helped spearhead a community garden project for Feeding Medina County.  Ventrac partnered with Medina Tractor, as one of the many sponsors, to help with the food and garden project and we caught up with them on the big day of planting.

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New Ventrac Facility Construction Progress

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Maybe you have heard, and maybe you have not!  Ventrac is now in the process of building a new manufacturing facility! The new location is in our current town of Orrville, Ohio, fairly close to where our plant is now. Over the next several weeks and months, my plans are to keep you posted on the progress with a photo blog of sorts.  Pictures are sometimes better than words!  Since our groundbreaking event on June 26th, 2012, there has been major progress on the construction of the new facility. Earth movers and excavators moved in quickly and in no time there was a shell of the new building. Week by week as the construction continues, it has been exciting to watch the development.



The building will be 116,700 sq ft and once complete, will allow all manufacturing processes and offices to be housed under one roof. We currently operate out of two facilities, a few miles apart from each other. Not always convenient, but we make it work. The new offices and production plant will streamline so many processes. It really is such an exciting time for all of us here at Ventrac.

Read more about the groundbreaking and see computer rendered drawings of the new building on our Ventrac Press page.

I just got some new photos in this week, so stay tuned for our next installment!




Trip to the SIMA Snow Strategies Forum

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A few of us in the office just arrived back from a couple of days in Chicago (which is a beautiful, fascinating city, by the way!) where we attended a Snow Strategies Forum presented by the great folks of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). Ventrac was proud to be one of the sponsors for this event. Forums of this kind help provide SIMA members an opportunity for continued networking within their industry. They also allow members a chance to gain Certified Snow Professional credits to further their business knowledge.

SIMA organized a terrific event and it was evident that lots of hard work and attention to detail was put in to planning for all to run smoothly. The event had a very educational, interesting, and even entertaining lineup this year. The first day was organized with more of a personal twist focusing on growth at a personal level that feeds over in to the business side of things. Day two focused more on the customer side of things and how snow contractors and clients can work together for mutual results.

Attendees of the Snow Strategies Forum

Day one featured Steve McClatchy, founder of Alleer Training and Consulting. Steve’s wit and humor, coupled with his highly motivational time management solutions, made for a very fun day and entertaining session. His presentation had a focus on productivity, finding more time in a day, building better relationships, and reducing stress in the workplace as well as our daily lives. His unique style of thinking went beyond the normal paths our brains operate to offer very effective solutions to some old habits or ruts we get in to. Steve’s website is at If you find that some personal growth and organization is in order, check out what he offers. I can say that I walked away with many new ideas on how to manage time, balance life and stay more organized than I would have imagined.

Day two was facilitated by Innovation Games, who led a highly interactive approach to connect the end consumer with the snow contractor. The creators of Innovation Games set up a panel of consumers that included Facility Directors, Account Managers and VP of Operations for businesses such as Walgreens, OfficeMax and ARAMARK.

The consumer panel discusses business with snow contractors during the Innovation Games

The panel of consumers engaged with snow contractors in a series of exercises designed to share their needs when it comes to what they expect from each other. The exercises allowed both the consumer and the contractor to interact in a way that is not normally done in every day business. The distinctive approach of Innovation Games allowed each side to discover market problems and opportunities in the industry while finding ways to work better together in the future. This kind of interaction was the first of its kind offered to SIMA members. You can read more about their collaborative play format at the Innovation Games website.

Ventrac is proud to be a continuing sponsor and partner to the SIMA organization.  SIMA is a valuable resource for snow contractors through their networking and educational events.   If you are not already aware, the resources and networking opportunities on is  a great place to start learning what SIMA offers for snow industry contractors. We are slowly approaching the winter season and now is a great time to check the SIMA website and learn more about their membership. For more information on Ventrac snow clearing options for sidewalks, compact areas and more, visit our site at or see our snow management equipment at










Ventrac Unveils New Model 4500 Tractor

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Ventrac unveiled a new Model 4500 tractor at a recent International Dealer Sales Meeting. The sales meeting was held in Canton, Ohio where Ventrac dealerships were invited to get the first look at the new tractor. Over 10 different countries were represented in the dealership attendance, with some traveling from as far away as Japan. The meeting culminated with a hands-on demonstration held at Malone University, where dealers operated the new 4500 tractor and experienced the features and benefits of the new model. Dealers tried their hand at stump grinding, trenching, edging, tilling, mowing, aerating and, much more.

Tim Jeffries, Director of Sales, said dealers were excited about the meeting. Tim added, “It was awesome to have our dealers together for a few days. They are excited about the new benefits and features of the new tractor and the direction that Ventrac is heading.”

Ventrac Model 4500 Tractor

The New Ventrac Model 4500


The new 4500 is the perfect balance of building on the company’s past while redefining the future. With new powerful engine options, more safety features, enhanced technology and easy, comfortable handling, the 4500 will soon become a customer favorite in Ventrac’s lineup.

New Engine Options

New multiple engine options offer powerful performance choices in the Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki and Kubota models. The new 4500 will provide a propane ‘green’ engine option with the Kubota WG972-GL. When adding the optional propane kit, this Bi-Fuel Ready tractor offers gas and/or propane fuel operation for fuel savings and cleaner burning emissions and can reduce your carbon footprint up to 90%.*

Ease of Use and Comfort

Ergonomically friendly controls include an easy to reach automotive style parking brake, and a conveniently located PTO belt tensioner. The relocated weight transfer lever allows operators to easily adjust for increased stability on slopes and for increased lift capacity.

The sealed electrical system protects fuses, relays and terminals from corrosion and outdoor elements. A new automotive style wire harness allows a quick ‘plug and play’ feature for ease of connecting optional tractor accessories.

The optional digital slope indicator with warning light integrates into the dash, providing easy visibility, and allows operators to continuously monitor the degree of slope operation.

The extra large premium comfort seat with adjustable slide rails will provide many hours of riding comfort for operators.

Added Features

The tractor features an enclosed muffler for greater visibility and minimized exhaust exposure. Operators of the new 4500 are kept informed of operational temperatures, oil pressure or low voltage levels with the enhanced instrumentation of the new 6-function warning gauge.

New technology can be seen in the electronic instrument panel on the newly redesigned dash. With tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, hour meter and temperature gauge, operators stay well informed.

A battery disconnect switch feature fully disables the electrical system and includes a fail safe disconnect.

Ventrac 4500 with the Tough Cut Mower

Features of the Ventrac 4500 include:

Multiple Engine Options
Propane “Green Industry” Engine Option
Enclosed Muffler
Enhanced Weight Transfer Lever
Pre-Wired Plug and Play Wire Harness
Fold-Down ROPS- standard
Premium Comfort Seat- standard
Optional Digital Slope Indicator integrated into dash
Advanced Electronic Instrument Panel
6 Function Warning Gauge and Alarm
Conveniently Located PTO Belt Tensioner
Onboard Diagnostic System
Sealed Electrical System
Thermostat Controlled Oil Cooler
Battery Disconnect Switch
Automotive Style Parking Brake
Universal PTO Switch
Enhanced SDLA Operator Controls
Optional Horn
3 Tire Options -Standard All Terrain Tires, or optional Turf and Bar Tires
Over 10 Accessory Options
3-Point Hitch Accessory
3-N-1 Adapter for towing and rear attachments


Ventrac model 4500

Showing off the new Ventrac 4500 with Power Rake and Tough Cut Deck

With the release of the new 4500 tractor, Ventrac continues to build on their solid reputation of providing durable, quality equipment that serves many industry markets.

Ventrac compact tractors and commercial grade attachments are designed and manufactured at their Orrville, Ohio facilities utilizing the latest in 3D cad software, laser-cutting technology, robotic welding and a powder paint system.

Ventrac tractors are designed with an articulating frame, front end attachments and all wheel drive traction in a compact design that offers unmatched versatility. Ventrac serves a wide variety of markets including golf course turf management, municipalities, schools, universities, snow and landscape contractors, hobby farmers, homeowners and estate owners.

Ventrac compact tractors and attachments are sold and serviced through a network of authorized dealers in the USA, Europe, and Canada including South Africa, South Korea, Chile, Japan, Sweden and more. Dealers are supported by the company’s corporate headquarters, Venture Products, Inc. in Orrville, Ohio.

For more information visit:

Watch Video Introduction:

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Ventrac’s “Top Fan” Gets Local Attention

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After announcing Noah Palmer as our “Top Fan” contest winner last month, his local paper got wind of it and ran a story about Noah’s passion for Ventrac.

After stumbling upon Ventrac on YouTube, and becoming totally hooked, Noah took his new found love for Ventrac and combined it with his favorite pastime, ROBLOX (an online building game), and created his own virtual world of “Ventrac”.  His ROBLOX creations were so impressive that it caught our eye and Noah won our “Top Fan” contest!

Below is the article that was printed in Noah’s local paper a couple weeks ago.

Download PDF of Article Here

Sixth grade Woodlands Intermediate student, Noah Palmer, was named VENTRAC by Venture Products Inc. “Top Fan” last month. VENTRAC is a world·wide distributor ‘ of all-wheel drive compact tractors with a wide range of different attachments. Noah’s adventure began one day when he was surfing the web and stumbled upon something that unveiled a hidden passion and launched into a new form of creativity. After watching hours of “You Tube” videos about VENTRAC tractors, the twelve year old felt he had the product line figured out and was ready to virtually reproduce it. Noah decided to combine VENTRAC tractors with one of his other favorite past times, ROBLOX (an online building game), and recreated a virtual VENTRAC world.

Noah's creative ROBLOX world of Ventrac

Noah’s creativity and attention to detail caught the interest of the VENTRAC team in Orrville, Ohio. They invited him down for a tour of the VENTRAC plant to see firsthand how the tractors were made. Amazed by the size of the VENTRAC facility, Noah and his parents, Don and Amy Palmer, spent the day at Plant 2 in Orrville. “It was humongous and very clean,” recalls Noah.

Noah Palmer learns more about Ventrac tractors while sitting on one at our manufacturing plant.

“It was very clear who the number one winner was due to the effort.  He (Noah) recreated our facility in a game,” explained Denver Steiner, Graphic Designer & Web Developer of VENTRAC by Venture Products Inc. “I receive an email from Noah from time to time with different ideas, it is great to see a young person with such creativity.”

To Noah, these are not just ordinary tractors; they are pieces of equipment with a purpose.  When asked why not another brand of equipment,  Noah replied, “the others can’t do the same stuff a VENTRAC can do.”  Noah’s hope is to own a VENTRAC one day. “It is a four season tractor, I will mow in the summer, pick up leaves in the fall, plow in the winter and maybe split wood in the spring,” he emphatically explains. Currently, Noah is a co-owner of a lawn care business with an internet friend out of Wisconsin. Together they own and manage “A + Lawn Care.”  Noah runs the Huron branch and his friend runs the Wisconsin branch.

For Noah, being the “VENTRAC Top Fan” has been an awesome experience and he looks forward to the day he owns his own VENTRAC, but for now he is just a grateful student who lives through the virtual world and appreciates the support of his parents, Miss Bollinger, Mrs. Lamb and his new found friends at VENTRAC.


Article was reposted with permission.
View Noah’s Winning top Fan entry:

Landscape Contractor Magazine Features Ventrac on Cover

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 There was a buzz of excitement around the office when our copies of the March 2012 Landscape Contractor magazine arrived.  We were thrilled to be on the cover, right there front and center, with our Ventrac tractor and Aera-Vator in action! The feature article in this issue addresses Mowing, Aerating and Top Dressing Turf Fields and more specifically,  how to get the best value from a piece of equipment.

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Ventrac Top Fan Competition Continues to Grow

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Attention Ventrac owners! If you haven’t heard of our Ventrac “Top Fan” competition, here’s the story. The competition started with our youngest entry. One small boy whose love of Ventrac is a daily aspect of his life. This young fan, Quinten,  watches Ventrac Youtube videos daily, has worn through numerous Ventrac catalogs and plays “Ventrac” with his toys. He even enjoys a little social activity with his cousin as they watch Ventrac videos together. Continue Reading…

Young Business Owner Dreams of Expanding with Ventrac

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We all love an inspiring story, especially when great kids are involved.  It reinforces that good values and a driving work ethic are alive and well in our youth.   For all of you who follow Ventrac regularly, you may have already seen our newest video floating around the web.   The featured young man in the video shows there are no age limits when it comes to business savvy.

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Stepping into Higher Technology

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It is always exciting when new equipment arrives at the plant.  And it isn’t every day that it happens.  Early last week, there was a massive undertaking happening at Ventrac’s Plant One; the arrival of a new Cincinnati Press Brake.

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