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Bold Lawn Stripes - 2 Key Tips to the Best Looking Lawn

Duration: 4:07 - Views: 5750 In maintaining professional level turf surfaces, appearance is everything. From the golf course, sports field, commercial landscape, and residential property, the Ventrac Aera-vator is designed to keep turf surfaces looking their best. The Aera-vator does this by loosening the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf surface. The goal of aeration is to get more water and oxygen to the base of the grass which gives the roots the ability to grow stronger and deeper into the subsoil. This improves the overall quality of grass, creating beautiful and vibrant turf year-round.With the Aera-vator, you’re able to accomplish this without actually pulling sod material out. The tines on the Aera-vator create a core hole without bringing a core plug to the surface. It punches the tines into the ground and vibrates back and forth which fractures the soil, rather than removing soil. No pores or plugs mean less post-aerification clean-up and the turf is ready for use immediately after treatment.The heavy-duty vibrating tines create 9 holes per foot and the hole size is regulated by the drive speed. The slower the drive speed, the larger the hole.Also, save time and work by over-seeding while you aerate with the optional seed box for the Aera-vator. Laying new grass seed while aerating increases the odds of germination for thicker and healthier lawns.Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Finish Mower: Aera-Vator: Aerator: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:I'm Aaron Graber. And today we're at a residential property mowing and aera-vating. Today we used the 60-inch finish deck and we mowed the yard and laid down a beautiful stripe. The reason Ventrac stripes lawn so well is because the deck is an out front design. It contours along the ground by itself and it's followed by a five inch solid steel roller to bend the grass over when you're passing through. After that, we went over it with an aera-vator with the roller kit. The goal with any style of aerating is to get more water and oxygen to the base of the grass. With an aera-vator you're able to do this without actually pulling material out. It does this by punching the tines into the ground and then shaking so that it fractures the soil rather than actually removing soil. And you're also not leaving cores behind that you have to clean up. Aera-vating the lawn helps improve the quality of the turf and it helps get water and oxygen to the roots of the grass. This allows you to have a healthier and better looking lawn without the restriction of having to pull cores like a normal aerator. We also have the optional seed box on this aera-vator which gives you the capability to over seed while your aera-vating. For those customers who require normal core aeration, we also have that attachment available for the Ventrac. Another result of using the aera-vator is that when you're done the ground is actually softer. This is especially useful for contractors because it can be used on homeowner properties more frequently, and there's no mess to clean up, so it's a faster smoother process.

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