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Organization A+ Lawn Care Service
Location Somerset, WI
Type of organization Landscaper/Lawncare
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A+ Lawn Care Service, "A Cut Above The Best!"

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Name, Title Adam Manship - A+ Lawn Care Service Adam Manship
Their Equipment

John Deere riding lawn mower with a snow plow.  But now that I discovered Ventrac Tractors, it is my new goal to own one or at least test drive one. 

Their Story

I'm a 14 year-old-boy and I enjoy mowing lawns and plowing snow and working on machinery and all those type of things. A+ Lawn Care Service is an easy, cheap, and professional way of having your lawn mowed. Some things A+ Lawn Care Service has to offer for services are:

  1. Lawn Mowing (includes trimming around objects such as trees, house, etc.)
  2. Shrub Clean-up/Pruning
  3. Tree clean up (fallen tree branch(es)/tree clearing)
  4. Lawn Aeration
  5. Lawn Clean-up
  6. Spring/Fall Clean-up
  7. Hedge Trimming
  8. Lawn Dethatch
  9. Fertilization
  10. Weed Removal
  11. Seeding (You may pick the seed brand you wish to have on your lawn)

As of right now, I don't employ anyone. I am a self-employed business, but once in a while, I will have my friend come and help me with the bigger jobs. He was nice enough to loan me a little bit of money to get the new mower I got a couple months ago and I paid him back. What is unique about this business is that I am self-employed, am 14 years old, and can still do a lot of work with the little I have right now. My friend helps me on the bigger jobs and him and I both do a great job once it's finished and I ALWAYS make sure my clients are satisfied with our work. If they aren't, we do the job again until they are satisfied.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I am 14 with a lawn business. I've always been interested in lawn mowers and all that ever since I knew what they were. My very first riding mower was a Craftsman mid-engine riding lawn mower. That got me and the business going, and finally I decided to sell that and upgrade to something a little bigger and something that can do a little more. But it was that little mower that got me started. So, it was my goal, at first, to get a John Deere riding lawn mower with a snow plow. Which I accomplished. But now that I discovered Ventrac Tractors, it is my new goal to own one or at least test drive one. My business is kind of small, and with a Ventrac, I could grow to be a bigger and better business once I get a Ventrac Tractor. I would be able to do much, much more with one that I will never be able to do with the lawn mower I have now.

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