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Their Equipment

I do not own any currently, I plan to get a ventrac in the 4000 series.

Their Story

Ever since I saw Ventrac on roblox by southwest (Noah Palmer), I searched it and loved it ever since. I watch videos of it everyday and tell my mom I want to visit the plant in Ohio for Ventrac, she said I can one day.A Ventrac leaf-blower image is my screen saver.

I am a 10 yr. and ever since I watched a YouTube video about Ventrac and how they can go up-slopes and have these cool attachments for an all-in-one tractor! I watch ( liteally ) 10 ventrac videos every day. I plan to make be a ventrac worker in real life. My mom encourages me too, and thinks it would be a good job.


Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I should be considered because on roblox. I'm going to start making Ventrac stuff like� southwest (Noah Palmer),�and I am going to visit the factory in Ohio, hoping too meet the CEO. And I watch 5-10 videos EVERY day. My mom considers me 'Ventrac addict' due to I ask her if we can buy a ventrac 4131 about everyday.

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