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Name, Location Larry D. Wiggins Home Owner - Pisgah Forest, NC Larry D. Wiggins
Their Ventrac Equipment

So far I have a 4231TD with the 72" deck, 3 point hitch, 3n1 adapter, 60" blade and duals.

Their Ventrac Story

Well, it all started about 2 years ago after an accident at work.  After I got hurt I could not mow the grass or anything else in the yard that required me to walk up or down a small hill or carry anything over 25 pounds. So for 2 years I had to sit back and watch my wife do something that I loved doing, which was very hard for me. My yard is 1.34 acres, with 1.20 acres of it all hills of 30 degrees or better. And my wife had to start mowing it. I used a 48" walk behind to cut it before I got hurt... something she could not use. She’s 5'7" 125 pounds wet, so there was no way she could use the walk behind, so she cut it all with a little 22" push mower. It would take her almost 3 hours to cut it, nonstop. I could not afford to pay someone else to cut it.  

So I got tired of watching her hurt herself and started looking on the internet and found Ventrac. We had a demo and I fell in love with it. But what sold me was that my wife fell in love with it more. We both loved that it could mow our yard, not in 3 hours, not in 2 hours, but in less than an hour. That was less time than it took me with the walk behind. Not only that, but you are safer using the Ventrac than anything else and you can use a lot of different attachments on it. So, no more scraping the drive/parking space or walking behind a mower again. I bought one and hope to buy all the other attachments to go with it.

Thank you Ventrac for putting me back outside and for making a tractor that my wife loves. It made buying a whole lot easier when she said yes too.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I love the tractor so much and my wife and I spent all of my retirement money to buy one. I just love the tractor and all the attachments you can get for it. I also can't stop telling other people about it. Even on vacation, 300 miles away, I was talking about it. If for no other reason, I'm a young 34 year old country boy that got his life back with his passion for the outdoors and a neat and tidy yard because of the Steiner family and Ventrac team for building top quality machines. I will use this Ventrac for the rest of my life. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Larry W

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