Ventrac Top Fan Competition

Youngest Top Fan - 18-months old Quin show why he is a top fan. Post a video response to his video explaining why you are a top fan for a chance to win a model Ventrac.
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10-Year Old Lawn Care Owner Dreams of Expanding - Vincent Giumenti started VG Lawn Service three years ago at the tender age of seven. This young entrepreneur is now 10 years old and has turned his love of lawn mowing in to a business...
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Oldest Ventrac Tractor Top Fan - Charles "Chick" Bittner of Akron, Ohio, is Ventrac's oldest known Top Fan at 96 years young.
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Ventrac Top Fan Competition Results

A big thank you to all who entered our top fan competition! A judging panel consisting of 13 Ventrac employees judged your entries and the results have been posted here. Judging considerations included the following:

  • Creativity and effort
  • Their Story
  • Top Fan Candidacy - what is that extra thing that makes them crazy about Ventrac and sets them apart from others?
  • Safety and Values line up with Ventrac as a company

Because we received so many excellent entries, we created two categories "Current Ventrac Owners" and "Future Ventrac Owners", and are awarding model tractor prizes to the two top entries in both of those categories. (Due to limited stock, 2nd place winners will need to wait until supplies become available.)

Contest Results

Future Ventrac Owners

Current Ventrac Owners

All Entries

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