Make Life Simpler

The Steiner family has always been about the business of making life simpler through practical engineering, design ingenuity and good old-fashioned common sense. Those early values passed on by their father, Marvin Steiner continues to be the driving force that pushes them to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment available, surpassing the needs of our ever-changing world.


For over 20 years, Ventrac tractors and attachments have been built in Ohio, right here in the same community where we started out. Before Ventrac came along, the founding family spent almost 25 years building agricultural equipment and other compact tractors. This laid the groundwork for the launch of the Ventrac brand in 1996 with the very first Ventrac 4000 series articulated tractor launched shortly after in 1998. Since launching the Ventrac brand, we have been busy! Our tremendous success has helped us grow locally and all around the world. The reasons we continue to grow are plentiful, but it’s all underscored by one common thread: the relentless effort by our founding family, employees and local community. The ability to continue our pursuit is owed to our deep history and its part of what makes Ventrac great today.

Making Life Simpler through practical engineering, design ingenuity and good old-fashioned common sense.

Venture Products Campus

Ventrac Today

VENTRAC’s versatility offers over 30 different attachments. Combining these with our Ventrac Mount System (less than a minute to attach or detach attachments) gives you a small power pack designed for maximum performance and versatility for many different market places, including the following: Landscapers, Municipalities, Churches, Universities, Golf Courses, Estate Owners, Parks, Sport Facilities, Shopping Malls, Tree Growers, Rental Yards, Nurseries, Airports and much more.

Venture Drive Facility

Our corporate offices, located at 500 Venture Drive, Orrville, Ohio USA, house research and development, fabrication and welding, service, tractor assembly lines, and parts and warehouse facilities.

The corporate office consists of the Sales, Service, Purchasing, & Administration Departments. All industrial designs are computer generated using 3D & 2D CAD software. Fabrication is controlled with CNC machines, and much of the welding is done by robotic welders.

Venture Products, Inc Employees

Our Vision

Venture Products, Inc., is committed to providing a unique, superior quality product while maintaining the highest standard of business ethics. We will be a positive influence to the global community, growing at a balanced rate.

Our Values


Quality is paramount in our products, our manufacturing methods, our marketing efforts, and our relationships with each other.


Our goal is a strong, balanced growth that enhances the markets in which we sell and solidifies our financial stability. We will commit our time and talents to the production of an innovative and unique product that is second to none. We are not only committed to reaching our full potential in the development of new products, but also in the discovery of new manufacturing and management techniques, personal growth, and the development of people and their ideas.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics with our customers, suppliers, employees, and the global community. These standards will be incorporated with every interaction, both business and personal.


Through business relationships, our goal is to leave a positive influence within the global community. We will be fair with our employees and dealers while maintaining an environment that encourages growth in our company and in the community. We expect our employees to reflect this attitude of responsibility in their individual jobs and for the company as a whole.

These basic values are the philosophy behind our conduct and the cornerstone for our growth and are deeply rooted in the heritage of our company. These values reflect our desire to do good, be just, and walk humbly.