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Improved Traction, Lift, & Slope Operation. The Weight Transfer System enables the transfer of weight from the front end attachment to the tractor. This increases traction and stability, especially on hillsides.

Weight Transfer Explained

How Weight Transfer Works


When the weight transfer is engaged, the weight transfer spring is constantly pulling back on the front hitch arms. This added leverage gives the front hitch extra lift (over 200 lbs) which keeps constant tension upward on the attachment. This is important when the attachment is being operated in ‘float mode’ and aids attachments such as the slip scoop to lift more weight.


The constant upward force on the front hitch arms reduces front attachment weight by transferring weight back to the hitch pivot point on the tractor. Less weight hanging out front minimizes the tendency for heavy attachments to slide on hillsides.


Weight is transferred to the pivot point of the front hitch, putting the added weight on the tractor’s front axle. This greatly improves traction and slope operation.

Weight Transfer comes standard on all 4500P, 4500Y, & 4500Z tractors and is an optional accessory for the 3400L, & 4500K.

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