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Ventrac Tractors controls are simple and easy to use, allowing you to quickly harness these agile, yet powerful machines.

How The S.D.L.A. Control System Works

Ventrac Benefits

Effortless Steering

A hydraulically powered steering system provides responsive and effortless steering control.

Fingertip Controls

Patented hand controls allow for simple, comfortable operation right at your fingertips. (Available on the 3400 & 4500)

Well Connected

The instrument panel includes tachometer, speedometer (MPH & KPH), fuel gauge, hour meter and temperature gauge.

Drive In Comfort

Enjoy hours of operation on the seat of your Ventrac. For added comfort, support, and a smoother ride, Ventrac offers an optional fully adjustable Suspension Seat. Adjustments include back rest, lumbar support, and weight distribution.

Within Reach

Automotive style parking brake that is naturally positioned for quick access by the operator.

Foot Rests

Ventrac foot rests allow for additional control and comfort during operation. This feature is standard on the 4500P, 4500Y & 4500Z.

Optional Foot Control

For those who prefer controlling speed & direction with their foot, the optional foot control is available.

More Informed

The six function warning gauge keeps you informed of critical operating systems with visual and audible alarms.

Recommended Accessories

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