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4520 PRO

Factory Upgrade Kit

Pro is simple: This tractor does everything!

The 4520 PRO includes five key additions: a foot pedal, dual auxiliary hydraulics, 3rd-function hydraulics, relief valve, and front 12-volt. Together, these five accessories allow the 4520 to run all of our most popular attachments.

One of the most important details is that the PRO is a factory-installed option meaning it was built here at Ventrac with quality control and consistency. And when you see the PRO decal on a tractor at your local dealer, you know this machine is ready to work, and you can do anything with it.


How It Works

The PRO model is an addition to the base 4520 machine that gives you the ability to run almost every attachment in almost every condition. It’s designed to be a simple solution for any commercial user to get the job done no matter what.

We’ve made an ‘easy-button’ with the PRO model, which is a factory-installed base level of accessories that makes purchasing your tractor a much simpler process. Additional accessories can also be added to the machine as needed.

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4520 PRO

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