4500 Tractor

This product has been discontinued.

It only takes one test drive on this incredibly agile, yet power-packed tractor and you'll know that the Ventrac 4500 is in a class of its own. An innovative design combines all-wheel drive, the Ventrac FlexFrame, and powerful engines to give you unmatched stability and control to get work done. Most importantly, the Ventrac 4500 is designed to be the most fun you'll ever have on a tractor.

Choose from over 30 professional grade Ventrac Mount attachments to transform your Ventrac into a productivity powerhouse. This incredibly rugged and dependable machine is a wise business investment for golf courses, schools and universities, parks, street maintenance departments, commercial mowing services, contractors, wineries, farms, property owner associations, estate homes and anyone needing ONE machine to do it all.

  • 4500K VANGUARD M54 39.51130
  • 4500P KAWASAKI FD851D 39.51207
  • 4500Y KUBOTA D902 39.51209
  • 4500Z KUBOTA WG972-GL 39.51208

Versatility That Works

At its core, the 4500 is a compact tractor, but it is very different than what most are used to seeing and that is a great thing. The purpose of a tractor is to perform tasks more efficiently, with better results than hand labor. The Ventrac 4500 plays on these advantages, then takes it to the next level. When coupled with the extensive line of Ventrac attachments, this tractor is a great machine for a variety of professional users.

4500 Models

Model Engine HP Cooling Fuel Type Cylinders # Engine Disp. Weight
4500K B&S Vanguard 31HP Air Gas 2-cyl 896cc 1340 lbs*
4500P Kawasaki 31HP Liquid Gas 2-cyl 824cc 1575 lbs
4500Y Kubota 25HP Liquid Diesel 3-cyl 898cc 1655 lbs
4500Z Kubota 32.5HP Liquid Gas 3-cyl 962cc 1655 lbs

* Does not include optional rear weights & weight transfer which is standard on 4500 Liquid Cooled tractors

Tractor Slope Ratings

Ventrac tractors offer you tested and approved slope operation ratings for safer slope mowing.

4500 Tractor Standard Features

4500 Tractor Standard Features

Ventrac Benefits

Increased Safety On Slopes

The unique design qualities of Ventrac has made a world renowned statement for its ability to work on steep slopes. For more details, visit our slope page.

Ventrac Mount System

With a little practice, you can switch almost any attachment within a minute, without any tools or heavy lifting.

Extreme Snow Performance

Built to handle all snow conditions, from light snowfalls to winter's wrath. Ventrac gives you a peace of mind for easily clearing snow.

Effortless Controls

Learning to drive a Ventrac is simple and intuitive with the patented S.D.L.A. Controls.

All-Wheel Drive

Full-time, all-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers maximum performance and traction to help you get the job done.

Ventrac FlexFrame

Ventrac FlexFrame allows the 4500 tractor to both articulate and oscillate. These benefits allow the machine to crawl over terrain no matter how it changes, allowing more stability and capability to work on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

Four Seasons Strong

Ventrac's versatility allows you to work all year-long. From spring to summer and fall to winter, Ventrac has the versatility to meet your various needs, while getting the job done quickly and with ease.

Versatility - Light Footprint

The Ventrac 4500 tractor utilizes large flotation tires on an articulating and oscillating frame to maintain a light footprint and impressive agility. This greatly reduces turf disturbance.

Traction Control

Ventrac's innovative weight transfer system improves traction, braking, and side-slope steering security by shifting a portion of the front attachment weight onto the tractor.



Measurement System:

Specifications 39.51130 39.51207 39.51208 39.51209
Sales Model 4500K 4500P 4500Z 4500Y
Full Description KN, 4500K Vanguard M54 KN, 4500P Kawasaki FD851D KN, 4500Z Kubota WG972-GL KN, 4500Y Kubota D902
Product Type Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor
Engine Manufacturer B&S Vanguard Kawasaki Kubota Kubota
Model # Vanguard M54 FD851D DFI WG972-GL D902
Horsepower 31 hp 31 hp 3212 hp 25 hp
Peak Torque 47.4 ft-lbf 47.1 ft-lbf 50.6 ft-lbf 42 ft-lbf
Num. of Cylinders 2 2 3 3
Engine Disp. 896 cc 824 cc 962 cc 898 cc
Cooling Air Liquid Liquid Liquid
Fuel Capacity 6 gal 6 gal 6 gal 6 gal
Fuel Type Gas Gas Gas Diesel
Drive System
Drive AWD All Wheel Drive AWD All Wheel Drive AWD All Wheel Drive AWD All Wheel Drive
Travel Speed - Low Range 5 mph, 4 mph reverse 5 mph, 4 mph reverse 5 mph, 4 mph reverse 5 mph, 4 mph reverse
Travel Speed - High Range 10 mph, 8 mph reverse 10 mph, 8 mph reverse 10 mph, 8 mph reverse 10 mph, 8 mph reverse
Overall Width 4812 in 4812 in 4812 in 4812 in
Overall Length 8112 in standard hitch, ROPS up 8112 in standard hitch, ROPS up 8112 in standard hitch, ROPS up 8112 in standard hitch, ROPS up
Height (ROPS up) 68 in 68 in 68 in 68 in
Height (ROPS down) 54 in 54 in 54 in 54 in
Weight with 3Pt hitch 1436 lbs 1670 lbs 1750 lbs 1750 lbs
Wheelbase 45 in 45 in 45 in 45 in
Weight 1340 lbs 1575 lbs 1655 lbs 1655 lbs
All Terrain standard 22x12-8 standard 22x12-8 standard 22x12-8 standard 22x12-8
Turf standard 22x11-10 standard 22x11-10 standard 22x11-10 standard 22x11-10
Bar standard 21x11-8 standard 21x11-8 standard 21x11-8 standard 21x11-8
Turning Radius 39 in 39 in 39 in 39 in
Ground Clearance 5 in 5 in 5 in 5 in
Oscillation amount (@wheel) 712 in 712 in 712 in 712 in


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