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Safety. Quality. Capability. These traits define a fleets value for golf courses everywhere. Ventrac is designed to maximize value and set the benchmark in these performance categories.

Ventrac's design and patented controls make it stable and safer on steep slopes and challenging terrain. Ventrac's specialized attachments are all engineered to perform individual tasks with impeccable results.

The entire system is the pinnacle of machine capability, safety and quality, and results in unmistakable advantages both on paper and where it matters the most: on your course.

Ventrac Benefits

Follows the Ground

The Ventrac 84" Contour Mower, with its three independent decks, will gently float over slopes and in and around dips. The contour design helps prevent scalping and gouging of the turf and gives you a fairway finish at a fraction of the cost of other contour mowers.

Slope Stability

Equipped with dual wheels and All Wheel Drive, Ventrac 4500 tractors can operate on slopes up to 30 degrees. This translates to fewer man hours required to do the job and a quality result.

Maintain Native Areas

Easily clears thick weeds, high grass, brush, and small saplings up to one inch in diameter.

The Four Season Tractor

Ventrac's versatility allows you to maintain your course all year long. As the seasons change, so does your tractor.

Versatility - Light Footprint

The Ventrac 4500 tractor utilizes large flotation tires on an articulating and oscillating frame to maintain a light footprint and impressive agility. This greatly reduces turf disturbance.

Ventrac FlexFrame

Ventrac FlexFrame allows the 4500 tractor to both articulate and oscillate. These benefits allow the machine to crawl over terrain no matter how it changes, allowing more stability and capability to work on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

Recommended Attachments

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