Reduce Fly Mowing on Steep Hills

Duration: 2:06 - Views: 7149 Stuart Langhorn is the golf course manager at Beaconsfield Golf Club in Buckinghamshire, England.
He states the main reason for purchasing his Ventrac is the ability to maintain and improve the golf course property 12-months a year.
He describes the unmet compatibility of the contour mowing deck, tough cut mowing deck and trencher attachment. Stuart estimates that the capability of slope usage with the Ventrac tractor has eliminated as much as 75% hand labor for his crew. What they previously had to string-trim, is now easily mowed with the Ventrac.
In season, the MJ840 Contour Deck allows for beautiful, scalp-free mowing of uneven turf surfaces often found on this professional golf course.
The HQ680 Tough Cut Mower Deck maintains the woodland area that surrounds the course, allowing for easier retrieval of stray golf balls and a more pristine appearance.
In the offseason at Beaconsfield, the KY400 Trencher is used to create drainage for fairways in need, which prevents water from laying in areas of the course. Combined with the Ventrac 4000 series tractor, the trencher can be used in hard-to-reach locations without damaging the turf like a traditional track unit would.
There isn’t an individual at the club who is not happy with the addition of the Ventrac to change the landscape of this golf course.

Ventrac is your golf solution!!

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Video Transcript:
I'm Stuart Langhorn, and we're at Beaconsfield Golf Club which is Buckinghamshire England. Probably the biggest thing is we've got five or six areas like this that's always been cut with fly mowers and string trimmers. So yeah, this has literally taken 75% of that work in one go. Me and the lads who use it are generally excited because we can see what it does. The guys who don't use it are excited because it's cutting down on areas like this that they'd spend many afternoons fly mowing. I think the members of notice a big difference because we're now we're now taking areas that we unmaintained, long, deep, and rough. We're now taking them down to one-inch grass. There isn't a person in the club who isn't happy. Once that that time of year comes October/November when we stop cutting the grass, we'll just tear the contour deck off and then we'll put the tough cut back on and we'll all get into the woodland because once we clear it out we then need to maintain it. The tough cut deck is ideal, it just goes in and just eats everything up. The minute this machine stops cutting grass, it's going to get a trencher put on the front of it. It's going to go straight out draining fairways. The main reason to buy this was 12 months a year of work. It just absolutely blows everything away in its market. There's nothing else like it.

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