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Mow Steep Hills On The Farm By Yourself

Duration: 3:56 - Views: 88 West Virginia is known for its beautiful hills and mountains. Gwen's 23-acre farm is one that is full of hills, many too steep to mow with an ordinary tractor. Since Gwen lives independently, she needed a tractor that not only kept her safe but also was able to tackle the various jobs on her property. With Ventrac's versatility and 30-degree slope rating, the decision to use Ventrac made sense. Gwen mows around her pond, uses the tough cut in the meadows, and uses the blade for maintaining her gravel driveway and managing snow. Gwen is proud of her Ventrac and feels it has increased her mowing and gives her property a beautiful finishing touch. To learn more about Ventrac, visit Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Finish Mower: Blade: Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:I am Gwen Kohut, and I live on a 23-acre farm in the hills of West Virginia. I own a Ventrac in order to maintain this property by myself. The property has various challenges, part of it is about 8 or 9 acres of rolling meadow. But there's a hill behind the house which is relatively steep. I like to be self-reliant, so the stability and the safety of the Ventrac were especially important to me. I appreciate feeling safe when I'm out working by myself. I had never actually tried to change attachments on another machine. I've watched other people try to do it and realized it was something I could never do. When I saw how the Ventrac attached and detached, I thought maybe I could. So being able to drive up to it and push a lever, that's great. I purchased 4 attachments, I have the mower deck, the tough cut, the scoop, and the blade. I keep trying to make this place look like a state park I think. The bucket I use for mulching flower beds. I use a lot of mulch around the house. I like the fact that the mower deck is in front of the machine where I can watch what I'm doing. It does have a light footprint and when I mow the hill behind the house if I get into some wet terrain it keeps going and there's not an issue. Being able to angle the blade on the Ventrac allows me to push the gravel in such a way that the driveway drains better just at the touch of a hand so that's really nice. I keep finding more to mow because the Ventrac is so reliable and goes anywhere. The area that I mow has increased over time and I like that.I would recommend this machine to anyone, including women, who might want to be more self-reliant and take care of their property. I don't think they would ever regret it. When I hear Ventrac, I just feel proud that I own one. I see more and more Ventracs in the area. I think they're remarkable machines. They're engineered very well and a lot of things were considered in the development and engineering of them, so I'm glad I have one.

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