Using Mower To Grind Tree Stumps

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Using Mower To Grind Tree Stumps The ideal stump grinder must be an agile, powerful, turf-friendly mobile unit that is maneuverable in all locations from lawns, golf courses, parks, and municipalities. Today we are on-site at a college campus that utilizes several Ventracs for various types of mowing. And while most municipalities aren't grinding stumps daily, they will likely have down-time during the off-season to tackle jobs like tree and stump removal. That is where having a Ventrac is invaluable because of the wide variety of secondary attachments the tractor offers. Choosing a Ventrac saves the campus's budget from contracting out this work or buying an additional machine to get the job done.The Ventrac KC220 Stump Grinder features 18 replaceable heavy-duty carbide cutting teeth on a large 22" rotor for removing large or small stumps. Cutting action is controlled with the forward and reverse motion using the tractor's hydrostatic drive. The Stump Grinder features offset, out-front operation to provide excellent visibility resulting in better performance and efficiency.An increased rotor speed of 1300 RPM equates to a faster tip speed and more significant amounts of material removed with each pass. In addition, with an increased cutting depth of 8 inches, stumps are removed faster than ever.The new material blade, operated by the hydrostatic hand controls, helps push material away from the working area to uncover portions of the stump that needs to be removed.The stump grinder works in a sideways orientation, making this attachment's operation more intuitive, faster, and with an easier learning curve. In addition, set-up and installation on the tractor are easy, and an operator can quickly become a pro at using this attachment effectively. Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4520: KC220 STUMP GRINDER: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac00:00 Aaron Introduces Project00:36 College Campus Uses Ventrac01:20 Tractor Setup for Project/Location02:19 Other Attachments for Finishing Stump Grinding Job02:34 Stump Grinding Timelapse/Tractor Working04:29 Aaron Summarizes Stump Removal04:58 Rear Bar - NEW Stump Grinder Feature06:24 Stump Grinder Timelapses / Tractor Working08:36 Root Removal with Stump Grinder09:40 Stump Removal Timelapse10:42 Aaron Summarizes Project / Closing

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