Mowing Hard To Reach Places - Ventrac Boom Mower

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Mowing Hard To Reach Places - Ventrac Boom MowerVentrac tractors are already capable of driving in places where most machines cannot. Combine that with the Boom Mower's reach of over 9 feet away from the tractor, and you have one of the best combinations of equipment in existence for managing tough vegetation on difficult terrain. Speedy pond vegetation maintenance with the Ventrac Boom Mower means you can avoid the many hours of handwork it would take to do this with a string trimmer or other manual tools. The cutting head of the boom mower is a double-action sickle bar which is excellent at cutting a wide variety of materials in different positions.Thin native grasses, cat-tails, shrubs, hedges, or even tree branches are all easily cut with the sickle head. The Boom Mower is able to destroy vegetation that is encroaching on this property and even reach across a small creek to skim that vegetation away. The number one reason this set-up is superior is the speed and efficiency that it takes to complete the job. Most of what operators are cutting with the Boom Mower will be areas only accessible with a hand trimmer. The Boom Mower allows a single operator to do the job of multiple people with string trimmers in a fraction of the time. In this video, you'll also find a review of the hand controls for the Boom Mower, which is the most commonly asked question. The arm is easily operated from the SDLA hand control for a 142" reach vertically from the ground and 115" reach from the outside of single wheels. And while most boom mowers connect to the middle or back of the machine, making them hard for the operator to see during use, the Ventrac boom mower attaches to the front of the tractor, providing the best possible visibility and control. Applications include mowing steep ditches, reaching under fences and guardrails, cutting vegetation around ponds, lakes & streams, trimming hedges and other shrubs, and trimming tree branches along trails, pathways, or roads.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4520: MA900 BOOM MOWER: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac00:00 Property Explanation00:37 Why Use The Boom Mower?01:47 Perfect For Professional Contractor02:07 Boom Mower Project - Tractor Working03:10 Boom Mower Controls Explanation - How To Use06:11 Boom Mower Around Ponds and CreeksSong Codes:WZ8ISWN7FP3KDGLFK8KW7BQGW4W990N3

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