Ventrac Tractor Crawling on Steep Slopes and Difficult Terrain on Golf Course

Duration: 3:13 - Views: 16452 The Wrotham Heath Golf Club is located in the southeast of England and is the envy of many courses in the area. The intention of Wrotham Heath is to provide good golfing turf and greens that are playable all year round. With spectacular views across Kent, the course offers many challenges to golfers of all abilities. The golf course offers enviable course conditions all year round due in part to its location on a free-draining sandstone ridge, and its beautiful heathland habitat of low growing woody vegetation. A major woodland management program was put in place and the reintegration of heather around the course is assisting in the restoration of the original heathland.In order to continue the habitat restoration, the rough-growing heather needs mowed down to keep the bracken and other competitive vegetation at bay. To do this, Wrotham greenkeepers rely solely on the Ventrac and Tough Cut mowing deck to tackle the slopes and banks of the course land. They value their Ventrac for its ability to operate anywhere around the golf course.They use the Ventrac Contour deck primarily for doing all the semi-roughs and tee banks around the course. This allows them to reduce fly mowing because of the areas the contour deck can reach. They have experienced excellent finish results with the Contour deck on the course. They also have employed the use of the Stump Grinder attachment for its accessibility on banks and hillsides. Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: HQ680 TOUGH CUT: MJ840 CONTOUR MOWER: KC180 STUMP GRINDER: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracI would expect nearly any golf course in this country could make use of a ventrac. What it does on slopes and you know and with the tough deck and you can just get anywhere with it. The course is built on a sandstone ridge in the Southeast of England. It's only on about a hundred acres. Forty percent of it is Heath land. We're trying to regenerate as much heather as possible. And we're getting there we're getting it started. We're getting more and more heather coming back. A lot of it is on very very steep banks and so we were finding it impossible to get in there. This was just the only thing what would do it. You could never get up the banks with the machine we used to use. And obviously you have to cut the heather back down and again to keep the bracken away and this machine just goes absolutely anywhere. It's just incredible. We have the contour deck which is obviously primary for doing all the semi roughs and the tee banks and things like that. With the floating heads you can almost get any bunker bank any tee bank really. It very rarely struggles to get anything cut off. It never scalps it's cut our sort of fly mowing down with you know because of the way that the contour deck goes around and so now you know that's another job saved. Obviously with the tree removal...having the stump grinder as well. It can get anywhere on banks. Most stump grinders are not that accessible but we find with the ventrac it can go anywhere, And it's been a pleasure. Been fantastic. They're an absolute must machine.

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