Mowing Lakes For Dog Training

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Mowing Lakes For Dog TrainingAt the Steve Ferguson Memorial Retriever Grounds, their mission is to promote retriever training and AKC performance events by providing suitable and safe grounds for retriever dogs and their owners. Here they maintain approximately 350 acres of the finest training grounds on the east coast, specifically developed for retrievers to excel.The dog owners invest a lot of time and money in their retrievers, not only because of the sport but also because they are family members. Therefore, protecting these priceless athletes is of utmost importance to them. The condition of the grounds is imperative to keep the dogs safe, and ruts are a dangerous obstacle when the dogs are focused on the task at hand. The members of the grounds maintenance crew do their best to make sure the grounds are as safe as possible.While most equipment they employ to mow the grass leave ruts and get stuck, the Ventrac has shown them that they can go beyond what other equipment is able to reach. And the Tough Cut deck is able to quickly clear a path with its three heavy-duty counter-rotating blades.Some areas haven’t been mowed in 2-3 years because of wet ground conditions, but with the Ventrac 4520, a light footprint and agile, power-packed frame allow it to access the brush closest to the lakes for a cleaner finish and safer environment. Time savings with the Ventrac means a lot less string-trimming for the grounds maintenance crew.Now that the Ventrac cuts beyond what they could previously cut with a traditional bush hog or zero-turn, it has proven to be a great enhancement to their operation.Products featured in this video:HQ682 Tough Cut: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac00:00 Steve Ferguson Memorial Retriever Grounds 01:09 Mike Intro/Who is He?01:46 Must Have SAFE Training Grounds03:07 How Do They Take Care of Grounds?04:23 Operator Reacts to Mowing in Wet Area05:00 Wet Areas Can Now Be Mowed05:40 Mowing Area That's Never Been Mowed07:06 Great Enhancement To OperationSong Code: UXRXHOENUMJD8GZQ

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