Playlist Tough Cut Brush Mowing

Slope Goat - Creating A Profitable Business in Under 1 Year with NO Competition

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Dennis Falk Jr has grown a profitable business in just 1 year with his Ventrac Tractor! Dennis is the owner Slope Goat in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Realizing nothing could handle the hills like a Ventrac, Dennis started his very own steep land maintenance business.

Playlist: Tough Cut Brush Mowing
  1. 12:02
    How Oscillation Benefits Tractors | Ventrac FlexFrame Explained
  2. 10:00
    Overgrown Power Line Right Of Way Mowing
  3. 8:34
    Mowing Lakes For Dog Training
  4. 9:16
    Mowing an Overgrown Florida Swamp
  5. 7:48
    Mowing A Steep, Wet Retention Pond
  6. 1:42
    Tire Chains = More Traction While Mowing
  7. 4:44
    GCI Turf, Pete Denny | Investment in Ventrac Adds Revenue
  8. 4:38
    Wildfire Land Preparation | Hillsides & Creek Bottoms
  9. 4:38
    One Year With A Ventrac, She’ll Never Go Back
  10. 4:33
    Oddly Satisfying Mowing On A Steep Pond Bank
  11. 5:19
    Tough Cut Mows Overgrown Brush & Trees
  12. 6:30
    How To Stripe Hills With a Flail Mower
  13. 6:32
    Ozark Mountain Property Mowed with Ventrac
  14. 2:11
    Tall Brush on Hillside - Satisfying Timelapse
  15. 8:48
    Wildfire vs Tractor - California Homeowner Prevents Total Loss with Ventrac
  16. 2:06
    GoPro Survives Ventrac Tractor & Brush Mower
  17. 5:50
    Mow Through Anything - Wet Ground, Palmettos, Bamboo, and Orange Grove, Ventrac 4500
  18. 15:55
    Hawaii's Extreme Terrain Requires Flex Frame Ventrac Tractor for Brush Mowing
  19. 2:55
    Mowing Extreme Terrain in Paradise - Hawaii Kona Coffee Farm
  20. 3:10
    Tractor Boom Mower - Real World Work. Doing What other Tractors Won't
  21. 3:41
    Slope Goat - Creating A Profitable Business in Under 1 Year with NO Competition
  22. 2:07
    How to Flip a Ventrac Tough Cut Deck
  23. 3:09
    21 Year-Old Grows Lawn Care Business with Ventrac
  24. 3:19
    Mowing Thick Brush on a Steep Slope with a Ventrac
  25. 3:04
    Fall Maintenance at the Pete Dye Course in French Lick
  26. 4:41
    Tree Farm Mowing with Ventrac
  27. 3:16
    Clearing Massive Thorn Bushes with Ventrac Field Mower
  28. 7:04
    Ventrac destroys giant weeds - Extended
  29. 2:38
    Clearing Thick Brush and Giant Thorn Bushes with Ventrac

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