Operations Overview for the KA160 Blower

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https://www.ventrac.com/ The revolutionary KA160 Power Blower is incomparable in leaf removal systems. In this video, we show you the adaptability and powerful performance of the Power Blower in action.

A job like leaf cleanup can often take several hours to complete with a backpack blower or handheld blower, but the speed of work and efficiency are gained with the use of this Power Blower.

Designed for small areas, the Power Blower is operated on the front of the machine which offers convenience and increased visibility while allowing the operator to reach areas that may be difficult to access with other equipment.
The versatile design of the Power Blower combined with 180mph power make ease of work at removing leaves, light snow, water, etc.

The implement features a rotation range of 180 degrees, allowing the operator to move debris in the desired direction while in motion without hindering operation. Easily direct air flow to clear a wide path, reach around trees, bushes, brush, and buildings. Even further precision is offered with the manual pitch adjustment which changes the angle of the blower for more or less aggressive air flow. This makes removal of wet or compacted leaves on sidewalks and other surfaces effortless.

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Video Transcript:
My name's Aaron Graber with Ventrac. In this video, we will discuss the KA160 power blower. In the Ventrac attachment lineup, we have two separate blowers, the turbine blower, and the power blower. The turbine blower is used in a wide area large property applications and the power blower is best used on smaller properties. The power blower moves air at a volume of four thousand cubic feet a minute and up to 180 miles per hour. The discharge nozzle is adjustable 180 degrees using the SDLA lever from the seat of the tractor. The nozzle also has a manual pitch adjustment located on the attachment itself. The power blower connects to any 4000 series of Ventrac tractor via the front hitch arms belt driven PTO and the two standard hydraulics. During operation, you can either carry the attachment and keep it off the ground or you can run it in float and let it ride on the front caster wheels. If running the blower in float make sure you select a weight transfer setting that helps carry some of the load of the attachment to keep it from digging into the ground as it runs over contours. On an attachment like this, we encourage you to play with different weight transfer settings to understand how it affects the attachment in use. The higher weight transfer settings will actually pull the blower up off the ground sometimes while the lower weight transfer settings will allow it to follow the contours underneath. If the ground is very saturated you might need to run a higher weight transfer setting to keep it from digging in when you turn. Ultimately weight transfer is operator preference. As with any power blower, the main advantage of this is the speed and the efficiency that you gain. Something like leaf cleanup that could take up to several hours with a backpack blower or handheld blower can be done with this power blower and seemingly no time at all. Having this blower on a Ventrac is also advantageous because it's in front of you so you can see it easier and it helps you reach areas where you would have a hard time walking or driving other equipment. With blowers attached to them adjusting this flap right here changes the angle of the air coming out of the blower and makes it more or less aggressive or moves it closer or further away from the blower itself. This is useful if you're trying to peel leaves or something off of a pavement that are wet and compacted you would want to adjust this down as far as possible so the air hits it at a greater angle and then you could adjust it open like this to have the air come out or more horizontal towards the ground and spread further out. To adjust the direction of the shoot you simply move the SDLA lever left or right. This can be done while you're driving in forward or reverse to make it easier and simpler to adjust why you're still working. Thank you for watching this video on the Ventrac power blower. For more information or videos visit our website at ventrac.com or schedule a demo with your local dealer.
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