Spring Work Day With Ventrac

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Spring Work Day With VentracToday, we are having a spring work day with a Ventrac 4520 and three attachments at this large, rural property, where we will mulch, spread gravel, and mow. It’s typical for most properties to need a day of refreshing the landscape after a tough winter season. This video is an excellent example of what it looks like to use a Ventrac to tackle these spring jobs and how the equipment provides the perfect balance between capability and maneuverability. Mulching jobs can be a hassle for most contractors and homeowners; these jobs require a lot of hand labor and shoveling work and are typically not something most people enjoy doing. The Ventrac Power Bucket makes it easy to move a wheelbarrow full of mulch quickly and effortlessly without damaging the terrain beneath the tractor. Because in the spring, while the ground is still soft, driving heavy equipment like a skid loader across a yard has the potential to cause wheel tracks and ruts. The Ventrac is agile and powerful enough to get in and out of tight spaces, landscaping features, and areas that bigger equipment couldn’t reach. With bucket operation out front of the operator, placing landscape material or mulch carefully in very tight locations minimizes hand work and speeds up the overall time on the job. And after the first task of doing very intricate work with the mulch delivery, next, we utilize the same Power Bucket to add gravel to the driveway with speed and accuracy. Then, we will follow it up with the Landscape Rake to smooth out the surface of the gravel for a fresh, new layer that is ready to drive on. What makes the Ventrac even more appealing is the finish cut it leaves after mowing. A full-floating deck on the Ventrac Finish Mower will prevent scalping and allow it to float over the landscape without gouging or tearing up the turf. In addition, the continuous flow of the deck design allows grass to move quickly and easily through the mower and out the discharge chute to leave a flawless finish. Typically jobs like this require multiple machines to do these various tasks, but the Ventrac is the only machine on the job today. And you won’t find any other machine that can perfectly handle gravel, mulch, leveling, and then leave stripes like these. Using the Ventrac as a whole property solution is the best way to get the work done. Additional jobs the Ventrac can excel at in this application would be: tilling a garden, aerating the yard, and edging the driveway. Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4520: https://www.ventrac.com/products/tractors/4520 HE482 POWER BUCKET: https://www.ventrac.com/products/attachments/he KR502 LANDSCAPE RAKE: https://www.ventrac.com/products/attachments/kr502 FINISH MOWERS: https://www.ventrac.com/products/attachments/msmtmu For more information, visit https://www.ventrac.com/ Find a dealer near you! https://www.ventrac.com/dealers Get a FREE catalog! https://www.ventrac.com/contact/catalog Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aiC7V2JS3nh11R5tRuIUw Connect with Us!Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ventrac/ Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac00:00 Why Ventrac For A Work Day00:53 Mulching - Power Bucket03:10 Gravel Driveway - Power Bucket04:16 Landscape Rake - Level Gravel05:13 BOLD Stripes - Finish Mowing06:14 Endless Possibilities - Ventrac VersatilitySoundStripe Code: WQDPFQOICX7QWHAC

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