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Oddly Satisfying Mowing On A Steep Pond Bank

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Oddly Satisfying Mowing On A Steep Pond Bank | Ventrac Tough CutMike from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, is mowing a large pond embankment with his Ventrac 4500 and Tough Cut Mower. With 200 acres of land to mow and keep maintained, Mike previously needed an entire crew of workers to mow, but he’s now replaced that labor with a Ventrac tractor and one worker. A tough mowing job like this pond bank is something Mike can have completed in under an hour with the HQ680 Tough Cut.The Ventrac tractor is the best machine for tough mowing jobs. The front mount advantage of the Tough Cut deck allows the grass to be cut before the tires trample it down. The tractor runs with floating attachments, which means the mower deck moves freely with the terrain, not against it, for a finished and complete job well done.Confidence can be found on hills with Ventrac’s wide stance. For further increased stability on hillsides, wheel extensions can be added for up to 25-degree slopes or add dual wheels for further capability on 30-degree slopes. And full-time contact means when the tractor encounters uneven terrain, the frame will pivot in the center to maintain contact with the ground and provide a better weight distribution of the tractor.Ventrac’s Tough Cut features a wide cutting width of 68” and optional adjustable swivel wheels to provide a more controlled height of cut. Three heavy-duty blades cut and drop material evenly without windrowing. Maintenance of the blades with the tilt-up deck feature makes this attachment a breeze to service as needed, and it’s even easier to reach the belts and pulleys with a hinged and removable cover. Made to withstand the toughest conditions, the Tough Cut stands up to its name with extreme-duty cast iron spindles and greasable bearings.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: TOUGH CUT: FINISH MOWERS: HQ680For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac

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