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Setting The Standard For Sidewalk Snow | Ventrac SSVThe SSV is a dedicated machine for professional users doing snow and ice control on sidewalks. It's a machine that provides all the necessary tools to do the task, no matter the conditions. Sidewalk snow removal is a unique job, and the demands of that job require a piece of equipment that is perfectly crafted to handle those demands; the SSV is that piece of equipment.The SSV is a ride-on machine with exceptional power packed into a very compact package. It is built with a commercial-duty hydraulic drivetrain with four independent wheel motors and 4-wheel drive. Equipped with a high-output, 23-horsepower commercial engine, it has the ability to run powered attachments at a narrow working width of 34-inches. The entire machine and all the attachments have options to be able to maneuver in those ultra-tight areas like walkways and small sidewalks. And it gives the operator the ability to do a lot of work without exhausting themselves or having a large team. This is a machine that allows one operator to be as effective as a giant team of people.We also go to great lengths to keep that operator comfortable. Those ergonomic features include a suspended platform, a soft operator pad, heated hand grips, and an optional windscreen to keep the elements off of the operator. We offer a full line of attachments and accessories to be able to outfit the power unit with everything you need for any job on sidewalk snow removal.The SSV has salt accessories that range from pre-treatment to post-treatment, starting with a brine system which gives the machine the ability to put down brine with a hand wand or with nozzles under the machine. And we also have a granular drop spreader that mounts in between the axles of the machine. Either one of these units have the ability to dial the application rate down to a pre-treat level or to be used during the storm with heavier applications.The attachments on the front of the machine offer the ability to handle any snowfall that happens. The broom is capable of clearing down to bare pavement for those very strict zero-tolerance accounts, and it works anywhere from a light dusting up to a light snowfall of a few inches. It's important to recognize that you can run the salt spreader in conjunction with the broom for a one-pass system of efficiency during snow events. When snowfall gets above what the broom can handle, we move on to all of the blade options we have. The three different blade options for the SSV are a narrow straight blade, a wide straight blade, and a V-blade. The blade options are simple and great at moving a lot of snow.Sometimes the storm comes on too hard or too fast for the broom or blades to keep up, and that's when you can switch to a snow blower. The blower has the ability to work in up to several feet of snow and comes with the extra convenience of being able to move that snow exactly where you want it. It has a multi-directional adjustable chute that the operator can change from the operator station.And finally, we offer the snow bucket for those cases where you have to dig out of a scenario when a city plow truck plows in a set of mailboxes, etc. The bucket allows you to physically pick up and move piles of snow from tight locations.These are true commercial-duty attachments, so they can get a lot of work done. But they are also compact enough to maintain the maneuverable nature of the whole package. It's also valuable to know how quickly you can change from one attachment to the next. As we know, with winter storms, oftentimes the conditions change in an instant, and every one of our attachments can come on and off the machine in less than a minute. If you're serious about snow and ice removal on sidewalks, this is the machine that you want. Products featured in this video:SIDEWALK SNOW VEHICLE: NV360 SSV V-BLADE: NJ380 SIDEWALK SNOW BROOM: ND SNOW PLOW: NX340 SNOW BLOWER: NE380 SNOW BUCKET: SSV BRINE KIT: SSV DROP SPREADER: WINDSCREEN: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac

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