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What Tire Should I Choose for My Tractor ~ MMM # 16

Duration: 2:23 - Views: 4656 When choosing a tire for your compact tractor or zero turn its hard to find an option that will give you the balance of ability to work in a variety of conditions. A turf tire will allow you to operate on grass will little to no damage on the grass, but this option is not good for wet conditions or for having any traction to push or pull material.Many sub-compact tractors are equipped with an R4 style tire which tries to accomplish being a blend of a true agricultural bar tire and a turf tire. While this works decently in some situations, pushing this tire to fast will result in damage to the turf, and losing traction much sooner than a bar tire.Ventrac uses a unique "field traxs" tread pattern as its standard tire. This tire offers much superior traction than a Bar tire, R4 tire, or turf tire. The reason that many other tractor manufacturers don't offer this option is due to the fact that they have a fixed, rigid frame, and the tires do more damage when turning the tractor. A field trax tire on a straight frame tractor would destroy turf.Ventrac can use a field trax tire due to our unique flexible frame. Our tractor pivots in the center to make turns, and this results in virtually no stress to the turf when turning with this aggressive tire pattern. Ventrac also offers a turf tire for operation on extremely delicate turf, like putting greens at a golf course. Ventrac also offers a bar tire as well for extreme pulling needs (dragging a log through the woods). Most Ventrac owners choose the Field Traxs option and are blown away by how versatile this tire is, and how well it performs in a variety of work conditions. For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventrac

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