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Ventrac Model Engine Max Slope Tractor Weight
Manufacturer HP Cooling Fuel Type Cylinders # Engine Disp. Continuous Intermittent
2100C Kawasaki 18.5HP Air Gas 2-cyl 603cc - - 970 lbs
4500K B&S Vanguard 31HP Air Gas 2-cyl 896cc 25°^^ 30°^^ 1340 lbs*
4500P Kawasaki 31HP Liquid Gas 2-cyl 824cc 30°^^ 30°^^ 1575 lbs
4500Y Kubota 25HP Liquid Diesel 3-cyl 898cc 20°^^ 30°^^ 1655 lbs
4500Z Kubota 32.5HP Liquid Gas (Propane Ready) 3-cyl 962cc 20°^^ 30°^^ 1655 lbs

^^ Dual Wheels Required for up to 30 degree operation or wheel extensions for up to 25 degree operation.
* Does not include optional rear weights & weight transfer which is standard on 4500 Liquid Cooled tractors