Ventrac SSV Prototype Drop Spreader for Narrow Sidewalks

Duration: 3:37 - Views: 8311 The Ventrac SSV prototype drop spreader is perfect for applying salt or deicing materials to narrow sidewalks. This video of the prototype equipment shows a demonstration of precise salt coverage on a simulated 36" sidewalk. The drop spreader is conveniently housed between the axles on the machine so there are no parts hanging over the edges. Be sure to subscribe to be the first to know when the drop spreader is available for the Ventrac SSV. Products featured in this video:Ventrac SSV: 34" Drop Spreader (Coming soon!)For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:I wanted to show you an overview of the pending drop spreader for the SSV. We're getting to a point now where we're starting to close out the design and testing of it, so I wanted to give you a walk around of the progress that we've made. Excuse the machine that it's on, this is an old prototype that's got a lot of hard and abusive hours on it. The drop spreader itself is basically what you're going to see in production. We will have additional shielding to button it up and make it look a little more finished. This one is powder coated black and the production one will be stainless. It's essentially what you're going to see from a production unit. The spreader itself slides in between the frame and it's housed underneath the engine and between the axles. The whole thing falls within a footprint of the machine to where there's nothing hanging out over the edges. The control for it is mounted up here on the dash. It's an electric spreader, your electric motor is right here, chain driven down to the wheels and drums that go through the center of the hopper. You can turn your speed variability off and on to control the speed variability up here. The spreader itself is very similar to our SA250 spreader. The guts of it work almost identically. You have the same compression roller and slide plate that crush material open. It should work really well with even tough bulk material that can be wet or frozen from time to time. It accomplishes that without any vibration motors. It's a simple, elegant design that keeps it nice and clean and should allow a really good drop pattern on a machine this size. This keeps the salt between the walkways and not get off into the grass. Now we've got power to the motor. As this spins, you can see the plate moving inside of here to help crush that material apart. As you turn it up, you can really get some salt out. There we have it, that would be a heavy application, but as you can see there’s a really good drop pattern to keep it within the range you want to be on a narrow sidewalk. We're pretty happy with the solution we've got, hiding it between the wheels. We've got some things still to finalize, and we will keep everyone posted as much as we can on dates, times, and anything else. That's the drop spreader.

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