Ventrac Vs Zero Turn - Wet Ground Conditions

Duration: 4:40 - Views: 385927 In this video we compare a Ventrac and a Zero Turn in wet conditions. Most machine operators know that driving equipment on soft or wet ground conditions will either tear up the ground or the equipment gets stuck. Ventrac can push the limits much further than traditional equipment because of its articulating oscillating frame, weight distribution with the dual wheels and all-wheel drive. So next time you use your zero turn, check for stable ground conditions or make sure there is a Ventrac nearby to pull you out!!!For more information, visit Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Finish Mower: Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:My name's Aaron Graber, and today we're comparing a Ventrac vs zero turn in wet conditions. It's important to acknowledge that these are two very different machines. We chose a zero turn to run side-by-side with a Ventrac because they are the benchmark and show context to what people are used to running. The machine we chose is actually more a prosumer model so it's not quite as heavy duty as some zero turns out there. That should actually bode well for it because that means it's lighter. Some important things to talk about with the Ventrac are that it's articulating and oscillating. What that means is the frame hugs the terrain, bends, and twists at the center so it can keep constant contact with the ground, and the eight tires help spread the load out so that the ground pressure is lower and you can glide over wet areas easier. Today we're coming out of about four straight days of rain, it's starting to warm up, it's springtime, the ground is kind of falling out. It's a great time to showcase this and how the Ventrac works. So we're on a place in the property that's a little bit low lying, it collects water, it pulls here. It doesn't drain from here as quick as some of the other places. As you can see I am completely and totally stuck right now. What happened was as I started going with the zero turn, the right-side tire packed up with mud and since that is the steering on a zero turn I had no choice but to drive further over to the right than I wanted to. I made a little bit of progress until we are completely dead in the water now. We will pull this out with the Ventrac and hopefully, it shows the difference of the Ventrac vs a zero turn in these conditions. This specific zero turn is about 800 lbs. The Ventrac is approaching 2,000 lbs. by itself with the dual wheels. Add the deck in and you're almost 2,500 lbs. Thanks for watching this video. We really appreciate your time. We hope that you learned something from it, and as always, leave your comments. We are listening and watching. Hopefully, the feedback we get dictates some of the new projects that we do. The best way for you to really understand and learn the advantages of a Ventrac and how nice it can be to run one is to get in the seat yourself. Check out our dealer website, you can find your nearest dealer, you can book a demo with a dealer, and try the Ventrac on your own property.

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