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Less Work, More Play at Hawaii Golf Club - Ventrac 4500 Reduces Labor and Saves Money

Duration: 3:19 - Views: 9131 The Hawaii Prince Golf Club is home to a 27-hole, 270 acre Arnold Palmer-designed golf course. The golf course hosts an average of 72 charitable events per year, and up to 70,000 rounds of golf played annually.Hawaii Prince is currently converting from Bermuda grass to the patented Paspalum grass. As part of the process, they are removing a lot of brush. They need equipment that reduces labor and allows them to retain their high standards of appearance.The operators at Hawaii Prince Golf Club use the Ventrac HQ680 Tough Cut mowing deck to mow down thick weeds, native grasses, and brush, clearing more usable and playable space. The grounds crew loves how the Tough Cut blades counter rotate while cutting to allow for waste to be deposited evenly and consistently. The Tough Cut does not leave excessive piles of brush behind, and the workers have even less to clean up after mowing.With 8 miles of cart paths, edging can be a tedious task for Hawaii Prince Golf Club workers. Instead of combining multiple attachments and workers to get the job done, one operator uses the Ventrac ED202 Edger with Blower attachment to edge the path in one pass.Most golf courses need to have a good return on investment, and Hawaii Prince is no different. They have witnessed the Ventrac Stump Grinder save them time and labor by preventing them from calling a contractor to remove stumps on the property. The Stump Grinder is a valuable asset to the golf course and allows them to remove stumps quickly and efficiently.The Ventrac tractor is a valuable asset to the Hawaii Prince Golf Club. They are thrilled to say that it is an integral piece of equipment that offers versatility and efficiency, minimal labor costs, and ease of operation.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: ED202 EDGER: KC180 STUMP GRINDER: TOUGH CUT: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:We have a 27 hole, 270 acre Arnold Palmer-designed golf course. We averaged anywhere from 68 to 72 charitable tournaments a year. We have anywhere from 65 to 70 thousand rounds a year. We were quite busy golf course. My name is William Suckoll, we're at the Hawaii prints Golf Club. In Ewa Beach, Hawaii. We're a Bermuda course that's converting over to Paspalum. We have a lot of brush areas, some hilly areas here in there. A lot of areas that was taken out of play that we're now bringing back into play. So yeah we're removing a lot of brush and regrassing. The Ventrac is a big help with labor. Basically, it's a one-man operation now versus going in there with five to ten guys. Currently have three attachments for our ventrac. The tough cut allows us to remove a lot of heavy brush and basically reduces our disposal of the brush tremendously. I mean there's minimum brush left back after the tough cut goes over it and it's very clean. Aesthetically it makes it more towards a resort course. Back when it was like it was originally. Creates a wide-open, good feel. The edger with the blower attachment is great. I believe I have 88 miles of cart paths. Our previous edger, we had to drag behind a big blower. With the blower and edger attachment it's very nice, very quick, and very clean. So we're doing a lot of thinning out on trees and brush, so you know we ran in through the problem where we had a lot of stumps left behind. Well I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with stump grinder. With what it does and it's a valuable asset to us. My operator can just hook it up and get out there and take care of the stumps efficiently and quick and I don't have to get a contractor in to have the stuff removed. As being a manager and being able to own a machine that you can multitask with it I think it's great. It minimizes your expenses as far as carrying multiple machines and it's huge on labor and I would recommend it to anyone.

Playlist: Golf Course Maintenance
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    Hawaii's Extreme Terrain Requires Flex Frame Ventrac Tractor for Brush Mowing
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    Ventrac Stump Grinder Putting in the Work - Removing Tree Stumps The Easy Way
  23. 3:19
    Less Work, More Play at Hawaii Golf Club - Ventrac 4500 Reduces Labor and Saves Money
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    A Golf Course for American Heroes
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    Young Golf Superintendent Manages Prestigious Course

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