How to Reduce Flat Tires in Harsh Conditions

Duration: 4:06 - Views: 13661 A variety of rough conditions require a tough tractor and the added assurance of tire protection. Driving over sharp rocks, thick brush, thorns, and heavy vegetation poses the potential for tire punctures.

In this video, we detail our authorized liquid tire protection and sealant that minimizes downtime and stops punctures in their tracks. The liquid formula inhibits algae growth with the addition of a pH buffer, as well as prevents rust and corrosion of the tire rim.
The fibers in the liquid filler come together and bind at the point of puncture to stop the leak. It’s as simple as filling your tires and being ready for anything.

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Video Transcript:
Hi I'm Chad Nolt, service manager here at Ventrac. Today we're going to talk about tire protection for your tractors. One of the advantages of our equipment is that it can operate in a variety of conditions and a lot of different applications and sometimes that takes you into areas with a lot of thorn bushes or brush heavy vegetation. When you're in that environment you're gonna come up against the opportunity for tire punctures so there are numerous options in the market today that can combat situations such as flat tires. Some of those are foam filled or solid tires and those aren't really good options for us because they don't provide any suspension to the unit. They also are more stressful to the piece of equipment because it transfers a lot more shock and energy back into the tractor, the truck drivetrain, and causes premature failures of the unit. Today we want to talk about liquid filled tire protection sealant. We've tested many different options in the market and feel we have the best, most successful product to offer to you as our consumer. Here we have the authorized Ventrac tire protection and sealant it comes in a five-gallon bucket. There's also a pump available for it that allows you to put it right into your tire. Along with sealing punctures in the tire, this product also will seal the bead between the tire and the rim if for some reason dirt debris got in there or there was an imperfection in the bead. It's not near as common as what you might run into with tire punctures but it's there for your safety and protection. It's got aramid fibers in it those are the same fibers that you find in bulletproof vests. What those fibers do is they come together at the point of puncture, clot the hole, bind together, and stop the leak. That allows you to continue to operate the unit and you don't lose all the air and your tire. It minimizes your downtime and you won't have to go back to the shop with a flat tire. Some people say they don't like liquid tire sealant because it can rust out the rims it makes a mess this product is actually formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors so you won't have any trouble with rusting rims out it also has a pH buffer in it which balances the pH and won't allow the algae to grow inside that tire. Installation is very easy it's just a matter of removing the Schrader valve from the valve stem hooking up the hose on the pump and then pumping in the required amount. On a 4500 tractor, each tire takes 48 ounces which is about 8 pumps. All Ventrac dealers offer this product and would be glad to install it for you. If you have a large fleet of equipment and you would like to purchase the five-gallon bucket and the pump you can install it yourself as a preventative measure. Ventrac recommends installing our tire protection sealant anytime you'll be operating in harsh or severe conditions, areas whether it's going to be thorns, sharp rocks, anything that could damage that tire. Ventrac's authorized tire protection and sealant is good for any pneumatic tire. For a 4500 tractor 3400 tractor and SSV. Any of our attachments or even other brand products using our tire protection sealant is the most cost-effective way to reduce your downtime, seal up any holes that you might get in your tires, and allow you to operate in conditions that you don't have to worry go ahead and do the job knowing you have that protection in your tire. Well, thank you for watching this video. If you have any more questions regarding our tire protection sealant please contact your local Ventrac dealer.

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