Easy Lawn Seeding and Fertilizing- ES220 Ventrac Broadcast Spreader Simple Start

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https://www.ventrac.com/ ES220 Broadcast Spreader by VentracWhen installing, renovating, or maintaining lawns or other grassy areas, applying seed or fertilizer can be very time-consuming. Making seed and fertilizer application easier is the ES220 Broadcast Spreader from Ventrac. Added to your tractor, this spreader accessory can over-seed or seed new lawns and apply fertilizer. The ES220 has an electronic control box that comes standard and features speed control and an on/off switch. It can be mounted on the front or the rear of the tractor depending on your application and needs. The mounting hitch is a standard 2-inch receiver which makes this unit more versatile as it not only fits on Ventrac tractors but can also be fitted to any vehicle with a 2-inch receiving hitch.The 4.6 cu ft capacity and spread width can be adjusted between 6-25 ft depending on the material and the adjustments on the spreader. The ES220 can spread other dry, loose materials, but it is not recommended for salt spreading. As always, the Ventrac 4500 tractors allow you to work on hilly and difficult terrain, which gives the ES220 more flexibility to use in hard to manage places that need renovated or seeded.Products featured in this video:VENTRAC 4500: https://www.ventrac.com/products/tractors/4500 ES220 BROADCAST SPREADER: https://www.ventrac.com/products/accessories/es220 For more information, visit https://www.ventrac.com/ Find a dealer near you! https://www.ventrac.com/dealers Get a FREE catalog! https://www.ventrac.com/contact/catalog Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aiC7V2JS3nh11R5tRuIUw Connect with Us!Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ventrac/ Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracI'm Aaron Graber with Ventrac. In this video we'll talk about our broadcast spreader. Our broadcast spreader is manufactured by Spiker and then we add the structure around it so that it fits on our tractors conveniently. This is technically an accessory not an attachment but it does warrant talking about because there are a few components that you need to understand before you use it. The broadcast spreader is primarily used for spreading grass seed and fertilizer. It's also capable of spreading other dry loose material but we don't recommend it for salt. For that application we recommend our SI250 drop spreader. This spreader is ideal for anybody that installs renovates or maintains lawns or large grassy areas. With articulated and oscillating frames and full-time all-wheel-drive, hills, wet areas or other difficult terrain are more easily accomplished with this tractor than other competitive spreader units. The broadcast spreader has a 4.6 cubic foot capacity. It can spread at a width of anywhere between 6 and 25 feet depending on the material and the adjustments on the spreader. You simply slide the spreader in the two-inch receiver and then hook up the 12-volt electronics to either the back or the front of the tractor depending on which end you have it mounted on. For operation of the broadcast spreader there's four critical components to understand. The electronic spreader control the gate control the spread pattern control and then at the back of the unit the rate dial. First the electronic spreader control is pretty simple but it does have variable speed adjustability and then it has an on and off switch. There's a manual on and an auto on. If you switch it to auto on it'll operate the spinner at the speed you've selected. If you switch it to manual on it'll automatically operate the spinner at full speed. The gate control lever simply opens and closes the gate. You push it back to open and pull it forward to close. You can adjust the position of this lever by undoing this screw and sliding this rod in and out. The spread pattern control lever is operated to the left or right, right here. What this does is make sure that your spread pattern is centered on the spreader so that as you make your passes the actual material being applied is centered with the tractor. You'll want to adjust this to a different place depending on the material because each material will spread a little bit differently. The rate dial is located right here at the back of the spreader. It has positions one through nine. One being the lowest amount of material spread. Nine being the highest you turn the dial. And then when you open the gate it provides a stopping point for this lever so the gate only goes open to that point. If you turn the dial to a higher setting it allows the gate to open further. It's important that when you either open or close the gate the spinner is running. You don't want to turn the spinner off before you open or close the gate otherwise material will build up and might cause a blockage. Thank you for watching this video on the ventrac broadcast spreader. For more information visit our website at ventrac.com or visit your nearest local dealer for a demo.

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