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Removing Snow At The Zoo

Duration: 2:01 - Views: 4832 Patty Cayton believes in a quality machine to maintain and service the grounds at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. As Service Maintenance Manager of the 168 acres, Patty knows how important it is for families to have a good experience at the zoo when visiting. She was seeking a machine to help keep the park and pathways clean for her visitors in the winter time. With the uniqueness of the exhibits and winding paths throughout the property, there is very little space to pile snow as it accumulates in large quantities. That’s where the Ventrac Broom has become invaluable to clean the surfaces from snow and debris at the zoo.
Patty also mentions that there are several surface areas on the property that are sensitive to certain salts and formulas, but shares what an impressive job the machine does on the surfaces without needing to apply anything additional after cleaning.
The Ventrac’s versatility and ease of use have made it the perfect piece of equipment for all season at the zoo, and it will especially be of good use during the winter storm season in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Video Transcript:
The Cleveland Metro Park Zoo is approximately about 168 acres plus. Quality is important to us primarily we want the guests to have a good experience here. We have lots of things for them to do and see so it's important for me to make sure that the pathways and the park is clean. We were looking for something to remove the snow. Because of the uniqueness and how the exhibit was formed, we had nowhere to put the snow when we plow it or push it with a push broom. I had talked to a friend who mentioned the Ventrac and took a look at it there and really really liked it. It gets into those areas that we can clean out that we have to design especially so people can see animals in different exhibits here. We have several different types of surfaces here that are very sensitive to certain salts certain formulas that we cannot put on the ground. Once the surface is clean with the brush you don't even have to use a chemical or a product to make it non-slip. The machine does it itself which is very good. As soon as we had it here I knew I knew it
would work. Such an easy machine to run it just it's very versatile it's just a very efficient machine.
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