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The Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Broom is perfectly sized for sidewalk snow removal on walkways, parking lot paths, and entryways with a 48-inch angled working width. The physical footprint of this broom is designed to perfectly pair with the tractor, making limited operating space no longer an issue.

The broom features a unique center pivot design allowing it to angle 30 degrees left or right. It has a working width of 52” and when angled it has a working width of 48” which allows it to fit on a 48” sidewalk with no overlap.

A notable advantage on this attachment is a top-mounted hydraulic drive motor which allows it to be as compact as possible when working in tight areas and not have any extra shielding hanging off the side. Dual jack stands are included on this broom for stability during storage or trailering.

With a faster tip speed and an increased hydraulic capacity, this broom clears down to pavement effortlessly. The 24-inch diameter broom has easily replaceable wafer bristles, capable of clearing snow, debris, and material in the most profitable way.

The operator has the ability to control the actual broom speed independent of the tractor RPMs and allows for rotation direction of the broom. This means the brush rotation can be changed from forward to reverse with the need to move material away from objects like buildings and doorways or vehicles.

With all of the features packed into this Narrow Broom, it will make an excellent addition to any snow contractor’s fleet.

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This broom was specifically designed for snow removal on sidewalks and other very tight areas. The physical footprint of this broom is designed to perfectly pair with the tractor. One of the unique design features of this broom relating to the footprint is the fact that its center pivoting. This broom can angle 30 degrees left or right with a working width of 52 inches. When it's angled, it has a working width the 48 inches. This allows it to fit on a 48-inch sidewalk with no overlap. This broom has a top-mounted hydraulic drive motor that allows it to be as compact as possible without extra shielding hanging off to the side. Since this broom is hydraulic drive and has its own hydraulic drive system, we offer an electronic actuator kit. This gives the ability to control the actual broom speed independent of tractor rpm and also pull up to obstacles, reverse the direction and pull away from them. This broom features standard 24 inch poly wafers. Those wafers go on a drum that can be partially removed so that you don't have to remove the drive chain when replacing wafers. The standard configuration is twenty-seven wafers stacked alternating. However if preferred you can nest them together; doubling the capacity and doubling bristle density. The narrow snow broom connects to the tractor with the front hitch arms, the belt driven PTO, the two hydraulic lines, and then the optional 12 volt electric line if you have the actuator. This particular broom has two jack stands. One on the left and right sides to help keep it stable during storage or trailering when you use the hooks for tie down. Those hooks are located on the front corners on the left and right. This broom also uses the same exact procedure to adjust the contact patch of the bristles on the ground. Aside from the standard grease points there is one maintenance item that takes place regularly on this broom. You'll notice a plug on the top side next to the hydraulic motor. You'll pop that plug off and that's where you can lube the chain that connects the motor to the drum. This should be done regularly in conjunction with checking the chain for proper tension. operator simply turns the PTO switch on puts the SDLA lever and float and then drives forward. At this point the operator can choose the angle of the broom and if they have the optional actuator kit they can choose the rotation speed or direction of the drum. On this broom we recommend either the number 2 or number 3 weight transfer setting. In the number 2 setting the broom will be a little bit heavier on the ground and a little more aggressive. In a number 3 setting the broom will be a little bit lighter and less aggressive with more weight back onto the front axle, providing more traction. With all of the features packed into this narrow broom it will make an excellent addition to any snow contractors fleet.
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