Garden Covered in Weeds gets Transformed with Tiller

Duration: 1:43 - Views: 16816 For this local community garden, the quickly approaching season to prepare the soil flew right by. The weeds were overgrown and the task of tilling the garden seemed impossible. With a walk behind tiller, this job would have taken hours. With the tiller out front on the Ventrac, the operator has the precise operation in tight areas and around raised wooden beds. Twenty-four high carbon steel tines are sequentially spaced to provide smooth and efficient tillage that takes a fraction of the time.

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Video Transcript:
My name's Aaron Graber from Ventrac and today we're tilling a community garden. On this site, they have about 5,000 sq ft that they wanted to be tilled. Typically at a garden like this, you would want to eliminate the weeds first before tilling, but unfortunately, on this site, it got ahead of them. They knew they'd be behind with a walk behind tiller. We were able to come in with the 4500 and do that for them in about half an hour. The nice part about using a Ventrac in a scenario like this is that it's got the ability to power through the ground when it's overgrown or hard. It's also small and maneuverable so when you're working around buildings or planted raised beds you're actually able to do so. Any Ventrac owner can see the value of the tiller. Whether it's a homeowner who has their own personal garden or a city, municipality, or university who has large community gardens like this. It's one more way to max out the versatility of your Ventrac fleet.

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