Installing a Lawn with One Tractor - Ventrac with Habitat For Humanity

Duration: 6:29 - Views: 20932 In this Ventrac Project Series, we are in our hometown of Orrville, Ohio installing a yard at a new home provided by Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County. Habitat for Humanity relies heavily on volunteers in the construction of their houses and utilizes approximately 10-15 volunteers who help out a few days a week. Re-working a yard this size requires a lot of hand labor and time from volunteers. This yard, in particular, is full of debris and rocks and in need of a grade to avoid drainage issues.To help get this home’s yard installed in the most economical way, Aaron arrives on site to meet with the construction manager of the build to discuss how Ventrac can help. This particular home had a previous home on site that was torn down. The biggest challenge is that the current house sits a little bit lower than some spots in the yard near the road. To make sure drainage does not become an issue, Aaron will create a swale to manage water run-off on the property. The three Ventrac attachments to get this job done are the Power Bucket, Power Rake and the Landscape Rake.Aaron uses the Power Bucket on the site first to bury some large pieces of leftover concrete from the old home that was there before. Then he uses the Power Rake which removes surface rocks and debris and then pulverizes and refines the soil to be ready for seed. Lastly, he uses the Landscape Rake to level the surface and to drag more big rocks out. The yard is now ready to receive seed and straw and will soon be a nice, flat well-draining yard.Products featured in this video:Ventrac 4500: Power Bucket: Power Rake: Landscape Rake: For more information, visit Find a dealer near you! Get a FREE catalog! Subscribe here! Connect with Us!Facebook - Instagram - @ventrac_tractorsTwitter - @ventracVideo Transcript:So just finished with the tractor on this property prepping the yard for seed and straw. Basically what we had to do was use the power bucket first and I buried some leftover concrete pieces and then there's kind of an upper driveway area towards the back of the property that we pushed a lot of the rock to this yard is really heavy with just aggregate from the construction process. There was actually old house here that they tore down first so we ran into a lot of bricks and larger stones and things like that what's left is basically leveled off and ready to go. The last thing we did with it was hit it with a landscape rake to drag the big rocks out and there's some very small stones left but that's no problem once they seed and straw this and grass starts growing over time those will bury out and they'll have a nice flat well draining yard. Thanks for watching this video of our ventrac project series. If you're not subscribed to the channel make sure you click the subscribe button so that you're notified next time we do one of these and hopefully you enjoyed it and you'll catch the next videos.

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